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'The Exchange Toilet Cubicle' - photo from The Exchange, Winchester
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The Exchange, Winchester

The Exchange
9 Southgate St
SO23 9DZ
  Tel: 01962 854 718

Added: 1/29/2009
Modified: 2/24/2011 1:29:05 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Exchange is a sports pub in the middle of Winchester, in Hampshire.

This is another pub that has been recommended to us by our friends at fellow pub review website Falling Down The Pub, who also wrote the following section of the review, and supplied the photo. Cheers Lads!


Like the drama of that idiotic show with Noel Edmunds - Deal or No Deal? Well here's tension for you; a visit to the outside privy at the Exchange in Winchester. Opening the box door here; you never know whether it's gonna be a quarter of a million dollar crap or a case of taking your life in your hands to spend a penny.

Back in the 1980s, when I first came here, the Exchange boasted easily the worst pub bogs in Winchester. Absolutely despicable they were complete with a festering trough, mouldy walls and of course - devoid of a sh*tter door and bowl seat.

Then came a 1990s re-furb and something of a revelation. Beautiful new tiles, clean p*ss trough and a fully kitted out toilet cubicle. They even installed a sink with a soap dispenser! The promised land, for any pub these days.

But here's the thing; if you're a landlord you gotta keep up the upkeep. Of Course, now it's back to square one at the Exchange!

A sh*tty hand is not just a risk when you're gambling on unopened traps here. You could end up with one in here; there's not a sign of paper in the dispenser. But plenty jammed down the pan.

A message for the landlord in fact all landlords. Clean you filthy bogs. When it comes to repeat visits, for middle-aged old soaks like me, it's becoming a bit of a deal breaker.


Comment from the PubToilets.Com Team - Sounds like a pub, and loos, in need of a little tender loving care!

We've seen worse, infact the supplied photo looks ok at first glance, it's well lit, there is a bog brush, but loos do need to be clean, and toilet paper provided for us punters!

There are currently 7 comments about The Exchange, Winchester

#1: Comment left by Anonymous of Winchester

“I used to work at the exchange and despite your rantings it is still one of the busiest pubs in Winchester, it is also cleaned every morning to a sufficient standard however it is hard to keep track of toilet roll in the mens toilets when the majority of the bar staff are female.

That said, when it is cleaned in the morning it is obviously not the bar staff's fault that customers are not toilet trained.

The pub itself is clean and offers a large beer garden which is also swept every day.

I think its very hard to campare toilets in pubs when it is not necessarily the workers fault at how bad it gets rather the customers who apparently do not have control!”

Date: 5/21/2009 4:39:11 PM

#2: Comment left by Sputnikski of Falling Down the Pub

“Nice one love. 'It's not our problem; we're all birds. Besides it's the customers' fault'.

The landlord is a bloke; couldn't he could poke his nose in the khasi once in a blue moon? Nah, he's too busy drinking down the road in Froggies Bar.

The reason this pub is busy, cupcake, is not that it's good, it's because it's marginally above average among Winchester's woeful array of town centre boozers. that really isn't saying much.

It appeals to rugger morons and stupid students (Mars bar vodka for a quid - nice). Which - along with the despicable bogs - is good reason to steer clear.

The Exchange is a dump. I know it; you know it; Mr Blobby knows it. And - most importantly - the landlord knows it which is why he's in there so infrequently.”

Date: 5/22/2009 12:23:23 PM

#3: Comment left by The Team of

“the above comment was written by the team at the Falling Down The Pub website. If you want to know more, or have any qualms, please visit their excellent website.”

Date: 5/22/2009 12:43:59 PM

#4: Comment left by Hannah of Winchester

“Wow, just read your reply to the message left by a lady on your site and felt the urge to comment on how rude you are! "birds? cupcake?!" you sound to me like a shovanist and it strikes me that the owner/workers in this bar are well rid of rude people like you and would rather you didn't drink in there:)so eveyone's happy!”

Date: 2/11/2010 2:37:21 AM

#5: Comment left by Chud of Winchester

“Lol, he's right though, it is the bartenders job to check the toilets every now an then, we used to have to do it every hour, in a much busier nightclub. Its not difficult to do even if you just check when you go to the loo yourself... check and clean it I mean, not just check, see its a state and move on, lol!”

Date: 3/8/2010 4:00:44 AM

#6: Comment left by Fishman of Winchester

“I drink in the Exchange when 'I have too' i.e. its a sunny day and they have a great garden. However, the toilets are a shambles. Clearly the owner is more interested in ensuring the floors are swept (as mentioned above) as opposed to spending any money on having some nice, and more importantly, CLEAN toilets. Get your finger out - spend more than a penny and you might be able to attract more customers. One last question for those of you who live in Winchester - does he own the Alfie aswell? Only because their toilets are just as crap but then again, maybe he doesn't as the staff there never sweep the garden floor area at all.”

Date: 3/30/2010 10:12:55 AM

#7: Comment left by mapman of baughurst

“The owner of The Exchange and Alfies and The William Walker in Winchester is my brother and a bloody hard working bloke he is. All you knockers of toilets should get off your asses and try working half as hard and then you might own 3 popular pubs as well. He has just done up the toilets in the William Walker to a high standard and the toilets in the other 2 pubs are as good as any in the other Winchester town pubs. Good on you bro..keep up your hard work and take no notice of the knockers........Steve”

Date: 2/23/2011 7:22:00 PM

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