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'Twin Lamb Inn Urinals' - photo from The Lamb Inn, Chinley
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'Lamb Inn Sink Area' - photo from The Lamb Inn, Chinley
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'Old Sherry Barrel next to sink' - photo from The Lamb Inn, Chinley
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'Lamb Toilet, Brush, Roll' - photo from The Lamb Inn, Chinley
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'Plant above cracked cistern' - photo from The Lamb Inn, Chinley
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'Door fits toilet snugly' - photo from The Lamb Inn, Chinley
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The Lamb Inn, Chinley

The Lamb Inn
Hayfield Road
SK23 6AL
  Tel: 01663 750 519

Added: 2/10/2009
Modified: 2/10/2009 8:52:59 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Lamb Inn can be found on the Chinley to Hayfield road, tucked away on the right hand side of the road (when heading to Hayfield).

Many walkers choose to park here, go on a walk up te hills straight from the car park, then come back to the pub for lunch.

Indeed, this is what we did... lets have a look inside, and ponder the menu. In the summer, you can also sit outside in the picnic table area.

This is an old pub, you'll notice this navigating the low, latched, double doors to enter the pub.

Decor is traditional, with brass, pictures etc. Tables are set for food, and the place is warm and cozy.

The bar lady showed us to some seats, and took our drinks orders while handing us a menu each and pointing out the specials board.

We tried out the Marstons Pedigree and Guinness, both were splendid.

Three of us selected the Pie of the day meal, which came with either new potatoes or chips. I'd recommend the chips, as the portion size was considerably bigger. the fourth member of our party had the Beef Roast from the specials board, and vegetables came comunally.

The pie of the day was apparently "Chicken and Ham", but none of us found any evidence of ham. That said, the "Chicken Pie" was very nice, in its own gravy, and with the veg and potato accompaniments.

The Roast was good too, in thick gravy with Roast and New potatoes.

Food came quickly, and the service was with a smile. Most meals on the menu ar 8 - 10 in price.

We were sat in the right of the pub, the bar is in the middle section, and there is a third seating section on the left... pass this, ascend some steps past the kitchen, to find the toilets on the right...

On entrance you will see 2 urinals, a toilet cubicle, and a sink at the far end, under a window.

The first thing that struck me was that it was very cold, brrrr! The room is well lit, and is covered in creamy coloured tiles.

Both urinal bowls were clean, with soaps. They sit neatly on the back tiles, with a splash guard in the middle, and both have individual grey exist pipes.

The sink, at the end of the room, is under a frosted window, with hot, cold, soap and paper towel pull-dispenser. There is a bin to the right of the sink for used towel roll, and to the left is an old dark-blue ceramic "Amontillado Sherry" barrel / decanter!

I went into the toilet cubicle for a slash. The loo bowl is white with brown seat, there is a big roll holder and a bog brush.

On top of the cracked cistern lid were two air fresheners, and a nice plant in the window.

The cubicle locked ok, but there was a surprise when I left... it seems as though the cubicle was a little too small for both it's bowl and it's door...

...the door has a little triangle cut-ut that fits round the toilet bowl when you push/pull the door open, to allow you to get in and out, see photo, ingenious!

Good pub, good old bogs!


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