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'Merimbula Lakeview Bar Loo' - photo from Merimbula Lakeview Hotel, Merimbula
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'Push, To Flush!' - photo from Merimbula Lakeview Hotel, Merimbula
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Merimbula Lakeview Hotel, Merimbula

Merimbula Lakeview Hotel
1 Market Street
New South Wales
  Tel: 02 6495 1202
Fax: 02 6495 3612
Web: Merimbula Lakeview Hotel

Added: 2/19/2009
Modified: 2/23/2009 8:32:35 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Merimbula Lakeview Hotel boasts a bar, grill, restaurant, and of course a hotel.

The pub is on the first floor of the building, with the restaurant above.

Stunning views of the lake can be seen from the bar, or if you prefer then there is a sunny beer garden outside the lounge bar.

There is a good selection of drinks on offer, including many wines, and 8 Beers on Tap!

Food is available either in the restaurant or the bar, with the bar serving more traditional pub meals.

The bar shows sports and movies on it's projector screens, and has regular live entertainment, including Live Jazz.

You can choose from two toilet restrooms, one at each end of the building...

Each has a single cubicle, housing a Caroma toilet bowl with a Flushometer.

The cubicle room has brick walls, painted white. The floor tiles are white, with a green / blue / grey coloured border.

You'd be forgiven for wondering where the flush is on this toilet... there is a metal pipe with a plastic end piece that sticks up from above the toilet, press it down to activate!the powerful, pressurised, flush!

8/10 - A Great Unusual Flush

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