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'Bar Rogue Metal Urinals' - photo from Bar Rogue, Manchester
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'An Impressive Sight!' - photo from Bar Rogue, Manchester
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'Sinks, Urinal' - photo from Bar Rogue, Manchester
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'Bar Rogue Toilet Cubicle' - photo from Bar Rogue, Manchester
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Bar Rogue, Manchester

Bar Rogue
35 Portland Street
Greater Manchester
M1 3LA
  Tel: 0161 228 7007

Added: 3/3/2009
Modified: 3/3/2009 8:30:55 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Bar Rogue is a bar beside / complimenting the Britannia Hotel in Manchester, opposite Piccadilly Gardens.

It is an unusual layout for a pub / bar. The bar is effectively on a balcony, spanning 360 degrees above a lower floor, where the toilets are incidentally!

There is plenty of room to move, despite never being far from the balcony rails.

The bar is popular and friendly. It shows live sport on the various tellys, and has a good selection of drinks and food. We tried the Heineken Lager, which proved a tasty tipple!

Despite the name, we didn't meet anyone in here that we would particularly class as a "Rogue", in fact we thought it was called "Bar Rouge" (Bar Red) until we entered and realised the true name!

As mentioned earlier, the loos can be found downstairs from the balcony bar, on the left (from the front of the pub).

The toilets here immediately hinted at greatness as I entered the door...

The Urinal Bowls are made from metal, protruding confidently in a triangular shape from the green / turquoise walls. There are about 9 or 10 urinals in total, most down one side, with two at the far end.

All looked clean, if a little stained / weathered, and all had soaps.

Opposite the urinals is a sink area with 4 sinks set in a worktop under a giant mirror. There are some nice triangle designs on the lower worktop, and black mosaic under the mirror. Soap can be found at the sides, along with paper towels and a waste paper bin.

The toilets in the 3 cubicles are also metallic, but have plastic white seats (with the front bit cut out), so that they are not too cold on your botty. The cisterns are hidden in the wall behind, which has the flush handle mounted upon it.

Big Roll Holders hold bog-roll-a-plenty!

No bog brush was to be found in the one I went in, and there were a few flies hunting dinner!

Overall, a great bar with brilliant bogs!


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