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'Crown Stone' - photo from The Crown Inn, Macclesfield
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'The Sink' - photo from The Crown Inn, Macclesfield
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'Nice Clean Pan' - photo from The Crown Inn, Macclesfield
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'Check your appearance as you leave!' - photo from The Crown Inn, Macclesfield
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The Crown Inn, Macclesfield

The Crown Inn
76 Bond St
SK11 6QS
  Tel: 01625 421689

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Crown on Bond St, opposite Barlow's Fishing Tackle.

A very well presented pub, with a friendly atmosphere.

The pub decor is traditional, but well kept. A very clean and tidy pub.

There is a seperate front room and plenty of seating throughout.

There is a jukebox, but i found the sound only to be available in certain areas, mainly by the bar.

The bar is well stocked with bottles and crisps, on tap are Carling Extra Cold, Boddingtons Bitter and Guinness. Carling is a reasonable 2.35

Sit down and relax, with your pint on a Bombardier beer mat. Admire the photos of old Macc which decorate the walls.

For the summer the pub has a good sized paved beer garden, large beer-branded umbrella cover the picnic table to keep any rain off, a great place to relax.

The door to the gents, marked "Gentlemen" is located in the main room, there is a small porch-like corridor by the fire exit, with a mirror in it to check your appearance as you leave. See how p*ssed you look!

Right enough waffle, lets enter the actual bog door!

Opposite is the p*ss-stone, big enough for four judging by it four actual pieces of stone construction! Neatly presented, and great to p*ss on.

There is a single cubicle provided for crapping gentlemen! it is fairly plain, simply white, but looks clean and doesn't smell too sh*tty. There were One and a half bog rolls provided when i visited, and a bog-brush for rubbing the sh*t off that the flush misses. A fair bit of room to get in and shut the door, fat blokes may struggle a little though.

The sink, small mirror and hand-dryer are opposite the cubicle. A small soap dispenser is neatly located between the mirror and sink, and the dryer blows well!

Another chance to check the big mirror as you leave the bog door, and return to the pub.

Overall a good pub, with good sh*tters, well kept throughout


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