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'3 urinals, with soaps' - photo from Pizza Hut Restaurant, Stockport
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'Strange Contraption, above urinals' - photo from Pizza Hut Restaurant, Stockport
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'Sinks at Pizza Hut' - photo from Pizza Hut Restaurant, Stockport
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'Toilet, Vent Axia Hand Dryer' - photo from Pizza Hut Restaurant, Stockport
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'Pizza Hut - Toilet Proud' - photo from Pizza Hut Restaurant, Stockport
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Pizza Hut Restaurant, Stockport

Pizza Hut Restaurant
10 Grand Central
Unit 11 Wellington Road
Greater Manchester
  Tel: 0161 476 6606

Added: 3/24/2009
Modified: 3/24/2009 11:05:51 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

I recently made my first visit to a Pizza Hut, at Stockport's Grand Central.

3 of us were enticed in by the offer of "Eat as much as you can", available as a Pizza Only Buffet, or with salad and pasta for 1 extra, we chose the latter.

We were served at our table for drinks, beers including Stella are available, along with Wine, Coffee and Soft Drinks.

Once we'd been seated, and our drinks orders taken, we were told we could start the buffet as we pleased.

I stuffed my face on 4 plates full of Pizza, Pasta, and trimmings. Pizzas included Margharita, Pepperoni, some with peppers and chillis, sweetcord, meat balls, all sorts and all very nice!

The service, food and drink were all grand so far.

The Restaurant was looking a little grotty in places, i.e. uncleaned food splatter on the walls, but generally clean to the untrained eye.

It was soon time to goto the toilets, which are located upstairs.

The gents room is yellowy tiled, with 3 urinals in the p*ssing area. These were clean, with green soaps. Look above and you'll see a strange contraption up above where you might expect the cistern!

Walls and urinals were clean.

Behind you as you use the urinals is the toilet cubicle.

2 sinks, under 2 mirrors and soap, are located on the wall near where you entered.

My only qualms with the sinks was that they switch off as soon as you've let go of the taps, annoying!

To their right is a "Vent Axia" hand dryer, and there is a waste bin by the sinks.

The cubicle is roomy and has a white bowl, toilet brush, and a big long roll holder, that could hold 4 or 5 rolls!

The door locked hunky dory, and the loo was clean!

Last but not least, there is a clear, painted, plaque near the dryer reading...

"Pizza Hut - We check these facilities on a regular basis. If you feel further attention is required, please contact a member of staff. Thank you"

A very nice touch, proves they care about toilet cleanliness!

The best bit was yet to come.. we came to pay our bill, and were only charged 14.94 between 3 of us for 3 full buffets (which we had right royal portions at), plus 3 drinks - Bargain!

Great Stuff - 7/10

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