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'Excellent Metal Trough' - photo from Magdalen College, Oxford
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'Old style windows present.' - photo from Magdalen College, Oxford
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'Condom Dispenser, Sinks' - photo from Magdalen College, Oxford
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'Metal Hand Dryer' - photo from Magdalen College, Oxford
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Magdalen College, Oxford

Magdalen College
  Tel: 01865 276 000
Fax: 01865 276 030
Web: Magdalen College

Added: 4/19/2009
Modified: 4/23/2009 6:41:02 PM

Written By Jonny De-Spencer

The Magdalen College at the University of Oxford has 550 years of rich and eventful history has left Magdalen with some of the most picturesque sights in Oxford, making it a must-see for the Oxford visitor. Yet the College is so much more than a mere collection of splendid buildings and inspiring gardens that have survived the test of time.

It has been a place of study and inspiration for no fewer than nine Nobel prize winners and several other famous alumni, under the leadership of 42 presidents.

The College remains a vibrant place that is constantly enriched by student and academic life, by its unique choral and musical tradition, and by the numerous societies and sporting activities of its members.

If you are visiting or attending Magdalen, there is an atmophere that you take in seeing the buildings and gardens, walking down the corridors, archways and taking in the history.

Magdalen offer a bar area. The bar is well stocked with real ale and beers ranging from 2.50p.

Wines and spirits are on offer and also food. The bar area shows historic sporting achievements from the Henley Royal Regatta, this part i was very interested in having followed the Henley Regatta myself!

After a few beers at the bar a visit to the toilets and wash room is in order.

As you walk from the bar you walk out on to stone floors past a red telephone box (still in working order), you walk out towards the gardens and the old buildings, a great view while on your way to the toilets.

A trip through a garden area and down the path you come to the toilets!

Presented with green doors the toilets are situated in a old out building, you can still see the old type windows here. The toilets are standard and clean, a while tile effect and steel style urinal.
Tiled floors are present and a clean well spaced toilet area!


There is currently 1 comment about Magdalen College, Oxford

#1: Comment left by Jiles of Wytham, Oxfordshire

“Yes agreed on that you can see the Reggatta archive and the red phone box on the way to the toilets.”

Date: 4/19/2009 6:52:44 PM

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