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'The Cigar Tin P*ssers!' - photo from Sunderland Street Sporting (Snooker) Centre, Macclesfield
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'Twin Sh*tters!' - photo from Sunderland Street Sporting (Snooker) Centre, Macclesfield
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'Can you Pot The Brown?' - photo from Sunderland Street Sporting (Snooker) Centre, Macclesfield
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'Sink etc at the Snooker Club' - photo from Sunderland Street Sporting (Snooker) Centre, Macclesfield
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Sunderland Street Sporting (Snooker) Centre, Macclesfield

Sunderland Street Sporting (Snooker) Centre
41 Sunderland Street
SK11 6JL
  Tel: 01625 437 113

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 9/5/2009 10:32:32 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Sunderland Street Sporting Centre, formerly Macclesfield Snooker Centre, is situated on Sunderland Street opposite the George and Dragon pub.

The snooker club building is actually an old church, which had been erected and enlarged in the past, according to the front, which inspired graffiti artists to modify the front in 1995 to read "Erected 1779, Enlarged 1799, Ejaculated 1995" !!!

The club itself will either leave you thinking it's quality or it is a sh*t-hole. I definately think its a top quality place.

The layout has changed over the years, the entrance is now to the end of the side passage, near George Street.

On entrance you meet the bar on your left, and up the steps to your right is the snooker club.

The bar is cheap, selling John Smiths, Theakstons, Carling, Guinness and a slection of spirits, bottles, soft drinks, Wrights Pies, Chocolate and Crisps!

Get a Cadburys Twirl inside ya!

To the back of the bar is the television room, now re-decorated in dark-red paint, it looks very cool, and show Sky Sports on projector screen, and Teletext on a normal telly.

A great place to relax if you don't fancy a game of snooker or pool. Relax and talk to some friends whilst watching Champions League football action!

The main snooker halls are dark and atmospheric, with the lights focused over tables only. Usually quiet, you can concentrate on your game, to the gentle background sound of ball on ball action!

The main room is quite smokey, upstairs there are also a series of tables, but the downstairs ones are the best.

A good selection of house cues is available, as well as cues for the pool tables.

Tables are charged by the minute!

A good snooker centre if ever i've seen one!

Reet, the toilets, located just at the steps on the right at the entrance to the club. In the previous club layout, the bogs were elsewhere in this area, but these bogs contain the classic Cigar Tins too, read on!

Enter the gents and on your giht is the sink and mirror, sink, hand soap and hand-dryer. The proper soap dispenser doesn't work, so you'll probably see a tesco one, the hand dryer may be a bit faulty too, as there was a kitchen roll left out!

To the back of the room are twin sh*tters!

Plain white bogs with black seats, attractively placed in cream walled sh*t-houses, behind brown wooden doors!

Bog-roll and Brushes are provided!

The walls in the main bog room are lilac purple, opposite the sinks, next to the door, are the centrepieces of the room!

Two urinals are neatled presented and plumbed in on the wall!

The masterpiece is the twin cigar tins, twisted round the p*sser-pipes to act as ash-trays, genius!

Mind you don't spill ash on your foreskin though!

The old club bogs had holes drilled in the tins, so if you tried to p*ss in them, the p*ss would come back and get you!

This place is a classic!


The Snooker Club did close it's doors, and Silktown Snooker was born elsewhere in Macc.

Macclesfield Snooker Centre on Sunderland St has since re-opened, and now thrives in co-existance with Silktown Snooker.

Please note: Now called "Sunderland Street Sporting Centre"

There is currently 1 comment about Sunderland Street Sporting (Snooker) Centre, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Macclesfield Snooker Centre of Macclesfield

“Macc Snooker Centre on Sunderland Street has been reopened for two years now...... run by none other than Nick Dyson”

Date: 3/26/2008 6:01:46 PM

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