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'Snowy's Toilet - Secure Cistern!' - photo from Snowys Wine Bar, Scarborough
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'Little Metal P*ss Trough' - photo from Snowys Wine Bar, Scarborough
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'Condoms, Metal Cased Cistern and Pipe' - photo from Snowys Wine Bar, Scarborough
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'Sink, Hand Dryer at Snowys' - photo from Snowys Wine Bar, Scarborough
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Snowys Wine Bar, Scarborough

Snowys Wine Bar
52 Albermarle Crescent
North Yorkshire
YO11 1XS
Added: 5/2/2009
Modified: 5/2/2009 9:02:36 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Snowys Bar is just around the corner from the wetherpoon pub in town - The Lord Rosebury.

Well, you needn't bother with a cheap pub like spoons, when you can visit this bustling little bar, enjoy some music and a dance, and still have cheap beer.

In fact, we sampled Castlemaine XXXX for just 1.50 a pint, and it was well tasty!

Several other offers were on too, especially on spirits and cocktails.

The bar is off set down a few steps from road level, which does well at creating a good atmosphere.

The pub is colourfully lit, with disco lighting and disco balls creating a good feel.

Lots of students were in, all looking like they were having a good time.

I liked the Muhammed Ali photo prints on the walls, and the nice metal bars round the tables, ideal for handbags and umbrellas!

The toilets are at the back of the pub, at the back of the dance floor, turn left for the gents...

Here we are in a cream and brown tiled room (tiles arranged in stripes).

To your right on entrance is a small metal trough, which was in very good condition for a well used bar.

The cistern and pipe for the urinal are encased in metal too, see the photo from above the trough.

Next to this is a matching Metal condom machine, just 1 for your pleasure, nice!

Opposite was a smallish sink, with hot and cold taps, a small mirror on the wall, and an electric hand dryer (slightly worn). There was no soap though.

To the right of the sink is the single gents toilet cubicle.

In the cubicle, again tiles in stripes, was a ahite bog with white cistern and seat. The cistern had a push in flush button on top, like many domestic loos have now, and had a piece of wood screwed to the wall immediately above it to stop people from opening the cistern!

The big toilet roll dispenser had loo roll, but the door in here didnt lock.

A good little bar!


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