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'Three Urinals, Strange Pipework' - photo from The Dolphin Hotel, Whitby
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'Cheap Plastic Cistern' - photo from The Dolphin Hotel, Whitby
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'Dryer, Sink and Soap' - photo from The Dolphin Hotel, Whitby
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The Dolphin Hotel, Whitby

The Dolphin Hotel
Bridge Street
North Yorkshire
YO22 4BG
  Tel: 01947 602 197
Web: The Dolphin Hotel

Added: 5/4/2009
Modified: 5/4/2009 11:41:35 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Dolphin Pub in Whitby, also a hotel, is located right at one end of the moving bridge, that divides the town in two.

It is a reasonably sized, traditional pub. It is a bit scruffy around the seems, but it's location assures it is very popular.

There are lots of small metal tables and chairs outside also, so when the bridge is in operation you can sit there and watch with a pint in your hand, weather permitting of course!

At the bar, I ordered some Fosters Lager, which was chilled and veyr nice on a warm day.

Having watched the bridge open then close, I popped back in the pub for a wee, the toilets are at the back, past the bar to the left, through a door / small corridor.

The Gents room is well lit, in the daytime at least, but is quite tatty. The walls are vandalised and damaged.

There are 3 urinals to your left on entrance. These are mounted on the tiled back. The two on the left are nicely shaped, but the one on the right is different, a replacement we presume?

The cistern is in the middle, but the pipework is a bit peculiar. Rather than going straight down towards the middle urinal, it veres to the right, only to have to make a turn back to the left under the central pipe that feeds the three, see photo.

The urinals were clean.

In the toilet cubicle was a black and white toilet, with a cheap plastic square cistern that looked like it had seen better days, plastic handle too, and piped to the right only to loop back round to the left!

There was a loo brush, and toilet roll in a big holder.

The sink area has just one sink, with a dispenser of pink soap, under a mirror. To it's left are an old hand dryer, and an old paper towl dispenser.

The dryer did not work very well.

This is a pub that could do with a bit of refurbishment, but it is a popular pub in a great location, so we like it all the same!


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