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'Dryer, Sink, Nice Tiles' - photo from Scholar's Bar, Scarborough
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'Two Urinals, Splash Guard' - photo from Scholar's Bar, Scarborough
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'Great Pipe Work!' - photo from Scholar's Bar, Scarborough
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'Little Blue Bog Brush' - photo from Scholar's Bar, Scarborough
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Scholar's Bar, Scarborough

Scholar's Bar
The Crescent
North Yorkshire
YO11 2PW
  Tel: 01723 360 084

Added: 5/8/2009
Modified: 5/8/2009 8:45:12 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

On the south bay at Scarborough, not far from the cliff lift, you will find The Scholars Bar, a medium sized pub, with a friendly atmosphere.

We came in on a week night and the pub was filled with a mixture of students and locals.

I had a very nice pint of bitter from the friendly bar maid, and relaxed in the second room playing pool.

The pub has two rooms, kind of laid out in an L-Shape, with the bar sitauted in the corner piece.

Also on offer for entertainment are televisions, a dart board, and fruit machines.

The pub is quite modern in decor, resonably lit, open plan to an extent.

As mentioned, the bitter went down very well, and after a few frames of pool it was soon time to visit the gentleman's facilities in this establishment!

The entrance to the toilets is in the middle of the second room, the pool room.

The gent's restroom is quite small in comparison to the pub rooms.

It has cream coloured walls, with sections of tiling. The tiling is green / turquoise-esqe with an orange and blue flowery top border!

In the corner near the entrance is a sink, set in a small greeny grey worktop. It was cleaned and both taps performed well.

There is a paper towel dispenser too!

Another wall houses 2 urinals, clean and white, the one on the right is branded, Armitage Shanks I think.

They are supplied with water from a nice looking cistern, the pipes from which split around the ceramic splash guard that separates the two urinals, see photo.

All plumbing is neat and tidy.

The cubicle is styled differently, the same cream walls at the top, but dark red coloured below, see photo.

The toilet was white with a light browny coloured seat, the flush is on the right, and there is some interesting piping on the left!

The toilet paper dispenser was well stocked, and the loo flushed well.

Oh, wait, what's this in the far left corner? A small bog brush in a blue holder - very nice indeed!

A good pub, the beer was nice and ok priced - the bogs small but very nicely kept!


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