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'Corner Situated Urinals' - photo from The Lord Nelson Hotel, Scarborough
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'Dark Toilet, Bog Brush' - photo from The Lord Nelson Hotel, Scarborough
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'Urinal, Sink, Dryer, Bog' - photo from The Lord Nelson Hotel, Scarborough
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The Lord Nelson Hotel, Scarborough

The Lord Nelson Hotel
36 Foreshore Road
North Yorkshire
YO11 1PB
  Tel: 01723 369 976
Web: The Lord Nelson Hotel

Added: 5/22/2009
Modified: 5/22/2009 12:51:33 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Lord Nelson Pub / Hotel is slap-bang in the middle of the beach front on South Bay in Scarborough.

It features cracking views, and a good pub atmosphere.

The pub offers entertainments every night of the week, and we entered on a weeknight to enjoy the Karaoke!

We had a pint of Fosters, which was nice and tasty and reasonably priced.

There weren't too many in, it was about 8pm, but it was pre-season.

A few young girls were sat at the bar chatting up the bar man, and a few local clowns kept trying to come in, and got thrown out, which made our visit all the more amusing.

The bar area is quite traditional, with Scarborough related decor, and lots of flyer cards for the Nelson itself.

The toilets are at the back of the pub, to the left of the enclosed bar, which is central in the pub.

The Gentleman's Rest Room is tiled in cream, with a brown-colour centre border (see photo).

There are five urinals, spread round a corner section of the room. These are all fed from a single cistern, located in the corner that they share.

The urinals were clean, but there was a wet floor sign out, possibly a warning of a leak!

The toilet was a bit dimly lit, although it did have bogroll, a brush and a closing door. The toilet bowl itself was white, with a cheap plastic seat and flush handle.

By the cubicle entrance is a sink in a corner, it had hot and cold water, pink bar soap, and a good "Initial" electric hand dryer.

Opposite is a condom machine, why not stock up before you leave?

Good Seaside Pub - 7/10

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