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'A Nice Sink Setup' - photo from The Maskery, Congleton
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'Condoms, Dryer, Urinals' - photo from The Maskery, Congleton
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'A Maskery Toilet' - photo from The Maskery, Congleton
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The Maskery, Congleton

The Maskery
6-8 Swan Bank
CW12 1AH
  Tel: 01260 290 700
Fax: 01260 281 979
Web: The Maskery

Added: 5/25/2009
Modified: 5/13/2013 9:21:06 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Maskery is a Smith and Jones branded pub located on Swan Bank, a few doors down from The Counting House, The Residence and The Music Box in the Cheshire Town of Congleton.

Like other S+J Pubs, it is quite a larger establishemnt, modern and well kept.

There are lots of nice leather seating areas, Plasma TVs showing Live Sport, and a great selection of Food and Drink, with some cracking special offers.

We came here recently and sample the Two For 6.50 Food Menu, from which we chose the Fish Platter and the classic Ham Egg and Chips. Both meals were tasty and of good size, and went down well with a Pint of Boddingtons Bitter.

The two meals and two drinks came in at under a tenner, and the food same very fast!

The bar was reasonably busy for a daytime, we should imagine the pub is much busier in the evenings.

Staff were friendly and helpful.

Now, the toilets... I approached the back of the bar to look for these, could only see the disabled toilets, so presumed the Gents and Ladies to be upstairs, I was correct...

Ascend the carpeted stairs, then enter the Gents.

There was a "rumbling" noise coming fro the gents, it sounded a bit like a hoover or dryer, but I couldn't establish quite what is was... probably something in a room adjacent to the sh*thouses.

The room is very nicely tiled in brown / red brick shaped tiling, and looks very smart!

As you enter there is a metal hand ryer to your immediate left, then a sink area opposite you.

The sink area is set in a dark marble-esqe worktop, and has 3 basins.

These are under a large mirror, soap dispensers are to the sides, and the whole setup is very nice looking.

To the right of the sinks is a condom machine, and another chrome dryer.. the wall paint here is a bit chipped and needs an overcoat.

To the right again is a narrow corridor setup, housing 3 white urinals, again tiled against the brick style tiling. These were all well kept too.

Opposite the p*ssers are the sh*tters, 2 of.

Each cubicle was quite roomy, with a nice wooden area at the back mounting the flush handle and hiding the cistern.

The right cubicle flushed well, and had plenty of paper in it's double roll holder. However, it didn't have a loo brush, and the cubicle door had no lock!

I can't comment on the left cubicle, as there was someone in there "at work", but the right one definately needs a bit of attention to bring it up to the standar of the rest of the pub and toilets.


There are currently 2 comments about The Maskery, Congleton

#1: Comment left by Mark Maskery of York

“meh the sh*tters! to me after 10 beers a toilet is like any other, a nice helping hand to keep me goin. spend a bit more attention on the pub its self hey. btw do i get a free beer coz last name? tata”

Date: 11/8/2009 10:54:26 AM

#2: Comment left by JOJO of Congleton

“What a lovely pub nice decor comfy sofas and great value food
much better service than Wetherspoons ”

Date: 5/11/2013 11:23:11 PM

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