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'4 Metal Troughs' - photo from Moon Under Water, Manchester
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'Distinctive Sink Area!' - photo from Moon Under Water, Manchester
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'Lacklustre Toilets!' - photo from Moon Under Water, Manchester
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Moon Under Water, Manchester

Moon Under Water
68 - 74 Deansgate
Greater Manchester
M3 2FN
  Tel: 0161 834 5882

Added: 6/1/2009
Modified: 6/1/2009 8:45:34 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Moon Under Water is a very big Wetherspoon Pub on Deansgate in the middle of Manchester.

It features several bars, on two floors, set in a grand old building. The upper floor is on a balcony, which is nice.

We are often told that this pub has the longest bar in Europe, or did have, not sure whether that is correct or not.

Styling wise, this is typcially a spoons pub, quite dimly lit, simple but tasteful decor.

We ordered from the food menu, but found the service to be a bit random. The Hams Egg and Chips arrived in 1 minute flat, but the Beer and Burger and 5 Bean Chilli took a long while.

Drinks wise, again the typical spoons selection, but we weren't impressed by the John Smiths Extra Cold, it tasted grim!

Toilets wise, we entered the gents on the landing between the floors.

As you enter, the cubicles are to your left, the sinks to your right, and the metal urinals troughs are opposite.

The room is plainly tiles, cream and blue.

The urinal area has four metal troughs, with filters and a few soaps, some look like they've been kicked / had abuse in the past.

A radiator heats the room.

The sink area has a great pattern on the side of the worktop, see photo!

There are 5 sinks, under two mirrors, with soap.

There are two hand dryers called Air Force. There is a plaque up claiming that the new dryers use only 50% of the power of the previous ones.

Well, it took ages to dry my hands, over a minute with its cold air, so it propbably would have used just as much power as a traditional dryer that used warm air!

There are 4 cubicles, Whicht Bogs, Flush on wall etc. The one on the left had no lock and no paper, no brushes either.

A good pub, not great, could do better on Beer and Bogs!


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