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'White toilet, plastic cistern' - photo from Mostyn Cafe, Llandudno
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'A strange over-sink water system' - photo from Mostyn Cafe, Llandudno
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Mostyn Cafe, Llandudno

Mostyn Cafe
66 Mostyn St
LL30 2SB
  Tel: 01492 877 909

Added: 7/28/2009
Modified: 7/28/2009 10:24:52 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Mostyn Cafe, so called as it is on Mostyn Street, is above shops on the main shopping street in Llandudno.

You may be wondering, why is a cafe on a pub reviews site? Well, rest assured, this is a licenced cafe, with beers including Newcastle Brown Ale available!

The cafe has a unique feature - a model tramway that runs along the sides on the cafe just below the ceiling! it has a proper track and lights and everything!

Anyways, the cafe itself is a nice old building, divided by wall divides and beams.

It also has a back room, for extra seating when busy.

The staff were very friendly, and we opted for a special of soup and sandwich. The soup was Leek and Potato, very nice, and with a ham butty with breadcrumbs! (a choice of sandwich is available in the special).

The food was lovely, as were the drinks, service, and prices were good!

The toilets are to be found at the top of the stairs, on the corridor to the back room.

I say toilets, there is just one gents toilet - adequate though it is!

It is small and with a low ceiling, but big enough. It has a frosted window allowing daylight in.

The toilet bowl is white, with a wood seat. The cistern is basic, with a handle to its right.

To the toilet's right, in the barred window bay, is a sink.

The sink had soap, but no taps in the traditional sense! Instead it had a bizarre old plastic hot water system above it, which leaked a bit and was a bit strange, but a welcome find!

Opposite this is loo roll, and a towel.

A good cafe, and interesting toilet facilities!


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