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'Nearly There!' - photo from The Albion, Macclesfield
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'Three Excellent Urinals' - photo from The Albion, Macclesfield
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'Nice and Tidy Sink Area' - photo from The Albion, Macclesfield
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'Left Hand Flush Toilet' - photo from The Albion, Macclesfield
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'Please Remove Your Skids!' - photo from The Albion, Macclesfield
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The Albion, Macclesfield

The Albion
6 London Road
SK11 7QX
Added: 8/28/2009
Modified: 9/21/2009 8:38:17 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Albion is a pub on London Road in Macc, a few yards south of the Byrons Lane traffic light system.

This is an old Robinson's pub. Please don't be put off by the tatty looking exterior, a trip inside will be a very pleasant surprise.

On entrance, you find yourself presented with a hall, with two options, to go left, or to go right.

On your right is the bar room, and main seating area, with TV sports.

The room on the left is the pool and darts room, plenty of room to play each, in fact this is a surprisingly roomy pub.

The bar maid was frienfly and served us great tasting Unicorn Bitter at 2.20 a pint.

All the local drinkers were friendly too.

From the bar room you can also get out into the Beer Garden... there is also a car park behind the pub.

To get to the loos, or the car park, follow the main entrance hall to the back of the pub.

Ladies and Gents are clearly marked... the Gents has a little boy holding his crotch (needing a wee). Coincidentally, many pubs have this plaque / motiff.

Enter this door and you'll be initially confused by two more doors. It is pretty simply to work out which to take, as the other door has a bolt on it and is presumably a back door / fire exit.

The gents room is white tiled with a nice green patterned border.

There are 3 nice urinals, separated by 2 dividers. All were clean.

The sink area, opposite, is very nice and tidy. It consists of a Sink (hot and cold both worked well), Mirror, Towel on Hook, Paper Towels and a Waste Bin.

The toilet cubicle is nice and has a black and white toilet, flushing on it's left. There was a loo brush and a big roll dispenser.

The biggest surprise in here is when you shut the cubicle door and read the note from the pub cleaner!

It reads:

"Please note: If you have a poo in the toilet please be kind enough to remove your skids with the loo brush provided beacause its very unpleasant to leave them for me to clean up. thanks. the cleaner! AND PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO WASH YOUR HANDS. TA!"

Great Advise, Great Pub and Toilets!


There are currently 2 comments about The Albion, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Dave of Manchester

“I have noticed that the phone number is not the correct number for the Albion and I can't seem to get it from directories, is it possible for you to correct it?”

Date: 9/19/2009 3:41:05 PM

#2: Comment left by The Team of

“Hi Dave. We got the number for this pub from the official Frederic Robinson website... if it appears they have published the wrong number, does anyone have the correct one? In the meantime, we have removed the phone number.”

Date: 9/21/2009 8:36:55 AM

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