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'1 of 4 Cubicles! No P*ssers!' - photo from Zumeba, Manchester
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'The outside view, the sinks.' - photo from Zumeba, Manchester
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'Stainless Steel Dryers!' - photo from Zumeba, Manchester
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Zumeba, Manchester

Oxford Rd
Greater Manchester
M! 5QA
  Tel: 0161 236 8438

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

When on Oxford Road, and the student run in Manchester, there are many places you can stop for a drink.

Maybe you've just got off a train, or just left a lecture, and fancy a quick pint.

Well just opposite the BBC is Zumeba. Formerly called Zumbar, i can't quite understand why they've added an 'e' into the name, and dropped an 'r'. For me the name doesn't have the same ring to it anymore.

But the name change does accompany a complete makeover of the pub. The pub is now very posh looking, all laminate and wood, with clever lighting and candles.

The bar is filled with fancy tables, and this is very much a posh-student eating place.

I believe part of the upstairs is also used for comedy nights and other functions.

On the bar we find Carling (extra cold), Guinness and Boddies. Fairly reasonable pricing from 2 to 2.50. Bottles are available, a limited range of spirits, and coffee!

I must mention though, the Guinness was fairly rank on this occasion. A fit short bird with glasses behind the bar more than made up for it though.

There was a bit of confusion as to the whereabouts of the toilets, we had to be shown up the stairs by the bar staff, better signposting would be recommended.

Up the red painted staircase and walls, the gents are on your right.

SHOCK-HORROR! There is NO P*SSING EQUIPMENT! no urinals or a trough! just 4 sh*thouses.

The sh*tters are very well presented, sophisticated wooden doors open to reveal well kept white pans.

There are two posh sinks with a large mirror, and stainless steel soap dispenser.

In continuing with the theme, two stainless steel hand dryers go some way to cushioning the blow of not being able to p*ss properly!

Overall, poor Guinness was excused by the Top-Totty Bar Girl, but no stones, trough or urinals is in-excusable!


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