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'Great Urinals!' - photo from Hatters Arms, Marple
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'Dryer, or Paper Towels?' - photo from Hatters Arms, Marple
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'Nice loo, but flush broken' - photo from Hatters Arms, Marple
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Hatters Arms, Marple

Hatters Arms
81 Church Lane
  Tel: 0161 427 1529

Added: 9/1/2009
Modified: 9/1/2009 8:27:55 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Hatters Arms is an old-fashioned pub in the small town of Marple.

It has several little seating rooms, and a traditional bar area. Decoration consists of Brass and trinkets on the walls, as well as several photos and souveni pieces from the pub's brass band.

The pub is a robinsons pub, so take your pick from Unicorn, Hatters etc, at reasonable prices.

We found the staff and locals to be friendly - be warned, there is a "no swearing" notice up above the bar.

Seating was comfortable and traditional.

Toilets are located toward the rear of the pub, near the exit to the smoking area.

The Gents room is quite nicely presented, with black tiling up to about 1 metre in height, cream above, with a creamy floor.

There are 3 very nicely shaped urinals in here, with blue p*ss soap, a nice cistern above them, and splash barriers between them. The pipework is neat and clean.

Opposite them is a sink, mirror, and a choice of dryer or blue paper towels (a bin is provided too).

In the far corner of the room is the single cubicle.

The cubicle has the same decor as the rest of the pub, and houses a nice white loo, with a cream brush, waste bin, and toilet roll holder, the door pushed too ok, but wouldnt lock.

A big let down here was the flush handle, which was completely knackered and had swiveled round to completely the wrong place (see photo). Easily fixed though, we should imagine.

Oke then, so this is an ok pub, with nice bogs that just need a few fixes.


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