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'Crapper' - photo from The Gynn, Blackpool
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'P*ssers' - photo from The Gynn, Blackpool
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'Dryer' - photo from The Gynn, Blackpool
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'Golden Root' - photo from The Gynn, Blackpool
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'Up yours!' - photo from The Gynn, Blackpool
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The Gynn, Blackpool

The Gynn
Gynn Square
Added: 9/13/2009
Modified: 6/20/2014 9:50:05 AM

Large pub to Northside of Blackpool promenade, situated on the corner of Gynn Square.

Facilities include pub food, Sky Sports with lots of screens, family area, beer garden and outside seating.

Visited about 5pm Saturday after a long drive down.

No real ales on offer, standard range of beers and ciders, opted for Guinness which was drinkable, parner had Fosters which was flat. Polite and friendly bar staff.

Family area is gated off from main pub, so if you go with children your segregated.

Mainly frequented by 'locals', can be intimidating if your that way inclined, but puts off a lot of tourists.

Ordered two meals from standard menu in the 'restaraunt' next door to bar, wish I hadn't.
Fish & chips looked like the fish was left over from lunchtime and re-cooked while steak was overdone.
Food staff surly and disinterested, when asked when everything 'was alright?' and told it wasn't, whole kitchen staff peered round door to see what was occuring. Rude and would not give a refund as had 'eaten part of it' Food to be avoided! Letter to brewery on its way ASAP.

Toilets downstairs from steps either side opposite bar.
CCTV is in operation? Apologies for blurring, but taken on crappy camera phone.
Gloomy toilets with strong odour of stale p*ss mixed with sickly cleaner smell.

Eight small urinals on far wall with pink? catchers for pubes and fag ends, no soaps in evidence at any of them. One small cistern per four p*ssers.

Three khazi's, two were unlit so only one photo.
Strong p*ss smell from cramped cubicle, some toilet paper but looked 'damp'. Clean bowl, but plenty of skiddy bog roll on floor.
Small cistern with top flush action and cheap white seat with a pad missing from underside. Would not want to lay a cable in here.

No soap in dispensers, a few small sinks. Two small and ineffective handriers, one of which was bust.

Johnney machines aplenty, dispensing 'Golden Root Capsule' 3x1, same for a vibrating cock ring.
Also Dispensing 'personal Vibrator', blow up sheep (Bessie) and something that looked like a turd shaped dildo to shove up your brown for a fiver a pop.

All in all not a pleasant experience, was a few blokes putting up a huge banner on the side of the pub, "For sale, fantastic pub business opportunity" as we (did not) eat.

There are currently 4 comments about The Gynn, Blackpool

#1: Comment left by Joe of Blackpool

“I ordered a cheese burger and chips, which I sent it back because it was burnt black!

The manager came back and said this is perfectly cooked, touching it with his bare hands!

I said, I'm not going to eat that now and he said I know that. I asked for another burger and he refused, I asked for my money back and he refused and asked me to leave the pub! I left...

Extremely unhappy paying 6.50 for a small size portion of chips!”

Date: 1/25/2010 8:33:04 AM

#2: Comment left by Pete of Sunny Leeds

“To update, I like to stay at a friendly B&B about a minute away. If I go again I'm gonna do a cable on the landlords mush, and ask why there aren't any Macc Lads tunes on the Jukebox? The slags.”

Date: 3/17/2010 12:34:49 AM

#3: Comment left by Barry Stokes of The Gynn

“We took over in 2012, toilets are now fresh and new, please remove these comments from 2009.”

Date: 2/4/2014 2:37:46 PM

#4: Comment left by bill of salford

“last went in 2013,food was GOOD, toilets were CLEAN,staff were FAST & FRIENDLY,What more do you want for f**k`s sake? It`s not a 5* hotel,it`s just a really good pub,so IGNORE all the above comments !”

Date: 6/19/2014 12:22:20 PM

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