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'Plenty of reading material on the walls.' - photo from The Stone Roses Bar, York
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'So many choices!' - photo from The Stone Roses Bar, York
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'Toilet freebies' - photo from The Stone Roses Bar, York
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'No lid to put down - the missus won't be impressed' - photo from The Stone Roses Bar, York
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The Stone Roses Bar, York

The Stone Roses Bar
4 King Street
North Yorkshire
  Tel: 01904 670 696
Web: The Stone Roses Bar

Added: 10/11/2009
Modified: 10/18/2009 11:50:25 AM

The Stone Roses Bar is a welcome change to the rest of the over-priced and largely pretentious bars. Granted, the Stone Roses also isn't that cheap in the scheme of things, but it certainly is different.

The music for a start isn't the usual tosh provided throughout the rest of the city. As the name might suggest, it's a nostalgic mix of 80's, 90's and more current indie music such as (suprise suprise) the Stone Roses.

The walls and ceilings are covered in posters, pictures and slogans inspired by the musical theme of the pub. The wall displays are particularly useful to keep the mind ticking after a good skinful.

The staff appear to use the pub for their own social networking, and aren't to fond of speedy service. But this doesn't really damage the experience too much.

Finding the toilets is the tricky bit. It's down a dark, windy coridoor which is a battle in itself towards the end of the night. But once again, plenty of well known song lyrics on the walls to make the journey more interesting.

The toilets are in keeping with the 80's/90's theme (in the sense that they don't seem to have been cleaned since the 80's/90's).

Toilet based benefits include:
- Good old-fashioned metal urinals.
- 3 condom machines to ensure every user is spoilt for choice.
- Free tickets to the local nightclubs in the bottom of the urinal.
- Ample posters to make the p***ing experience an education.

The urinals come complete with a generous helping of toilet cakes, leaving every user's wee smelling fresh as a daisy. Particular note should also be given to the huge puddle of p**s on the floor of the cubicle. Anybody wishing to use these facilities should most definately pack the wellies.

On hand was a cheap white loo brush, a roll holder, and several extra rolls on the cistern top.

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