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'Nice Onion Rings!' - photo from Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield
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'The Bog Door!' - photo from Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield
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'Sink and Mirror!' - photo from Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield
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'A very dark toilet, be careful!' - photo from Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield
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'Excellent Urinal Soap Holders' - photo from Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield
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'Double Glazing - A Luxury' - photo from Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield
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'New Gents Bog' - photo from Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield
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Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield

Waters Green Tavern
96 Waters Green
SK11 6LH
  Tel: 01625 422 653

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 6/20/2014 9:51:29 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Ye Olde Waters Green Tavern, located in a popular circle of Macclesfield, opposite Fiesta Take-Away, and close to The Old Millstone and The Nags Head.

But this pub isn't in any way commercialised or over-run by students.

In fact, mainly middle aged to older folk drink here, though the young are just as welcome.

This pub is very much a Real Ale pub, and is often featured in the CAMRA magazine "The Opening Times" you will find a range of different ales every time you visit.

The pub is very cosy and has a pool room to the rear, at 40p a game, one of the cheapest tables in Macc.

The bar is on your left on entrance to the drinking house. Guest beers are normally 1.90, i had a pint of Flash Flood, very nice it was too.

For the commercial drinker, there is of course Carling, Guinness and many bottles, soft drinks and spirits available.

For snacks there are nuts, crisps, and other nibbles available.

There is a jukebox, but it is not often on, but we walk past this to the gents.

A word of warning, where a coat in winter times, the bogs can be very chilly as i dont think they are heated much.

The room is adequately lit, with the dark cream wall tiles reflecting most of the light.

To your right is the p*ss stone, quite long, many a pint p*ssed away no doubt.

Through a strange wall + door arrangement you will find the singular bog. There was no light in here on my visit, the photo was taken in a night-shot mode with the door wide open.

A nice wooden seated bog, and at least they have put an air freshner in there.

leaving the bog, we see an old radiator, not often on i think, the mirror and the sink. There is no hand dryer, so you'll have to use kitchen roll to wipe your hands (provided).

Overall, a welcome change to big brewery pubs.



Update - April 2009:

We've been back in the WGT. They had a couple of interesting beers on tap, including a Porter with Honey called Black Bee!

We can confirm, as pointed out in the comments, that the Gents Toilets are now double glazed.

Something that also caught our eye, or the soap, in here was the excellent triangular p*ss soap holders in use on the urinal stones, holding round blue soaps, see photo.

It was a little lighter in here than on past visits, but still fairly dark - could do better!

A very tarditional pub, well worth a visit.



Update October 2010:

We have been back in the tavern a number of times over the past few weeks.

The beer is ever changing, so it's pot-luck what you order, unless you know your beers.

Toilets wise, the gents is now well lit.

There is a new loo bowl, white coloured and modern, which has an unusual short flush-handle! Just a quick flick and it flushes!

A proper pub, still relatively unspoilt by the modern world!


There are currently 4 comments about Waters Green Tavern, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Ann Barnes of Macclesfield

“A double glazed window was fitted this week... That should add to your experience of the Gents toilets in the WGT!!! ;-)”

Date: 11/1/2008 12:55:49 PM

#2: Comment left by The Cyclops of Macc

“I went in the WTG and they were handing out free sausage butties and chips......result!

I did use the loo whilst there but must admit that the overwhelming gifts of free food paled the loo going into insignificance!”

Date: 2/2/2011 3:20:16 PM

#3: Comment left by Sheila of Macclesfield

“Anyone remember George Phillips from 1964. Resident at the tavern”

Date: 2/13/2013 10:50:03 AM

#4: Comment left by Steve McDermott of Waters Green Tavern

“Check out our new gents toilets at

Where you can also find regular updates on all the finest real ales, ciders and fruit beers around.

Date: 5/2/2014 9:08:25 PM

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