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'Old P*ss Stone Urinal' - photo from Lake Road Inn, Keswick
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'Sink, Dryer, No Soap' - photo from Lake Road Inn, Keswick
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'Caution! Wet Floor!' - photo from Lake Road Inn, Keswick
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Lake Road Inn, Keswick

Lake Road Inn
Lake Road
CA12 5DQ
  Tel: 01768 772 404

Added: 10/24/2009
Modified: 10/24/2009 9:19:59 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Lake Road Pub is one of a couple of Frederic Robinson pubs to have made it to Keswick.

It is nice to see a robbies pub here, as most other pubs either sell the local ales, or the big commercial beers, so Robinsons, of Stockport (Greater Manchester), makes a nice tipple for a change.

Enter at the front door, on one of the main shopping streets in town, then head to your far left to the bar.

Decor in here is traditional old pub really, many brass / picture / art relics, and drinking related items.

The bar lady asked us what we'd like, and we settled for Unicorn Best Bitter. The beer wasn't exactly cheap, especially if you're used to drinking these tipples in the Manchester area, but it was nice, and prices are generally in-keeping with the rest of town.

The pub seemed fairly busy, and does food in the day.

The toilets are located out the back of the pub, find the back door roughly half way through the main room.

The toilets here have a distinct smell, known to those in the know as "Chicken Bugger" - Basically a stale p*ss smell, one hard to get rid of, and built up over many years.

There is an old stone urinal, which stretches round a corner, with a p*ss platform to aim off. It looks generally well kept.

Next to this is a small metal sink and hand dryer, no soap though.

On turning around to exit, you'll notice the single cubicle, no photo sorry.

There was a wet floor sign to warn of slippy floors. When it rains in Keswick, rainwater may well flow in slightly.

Good pub, basic facilities. 6/10

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