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'Good Stock of Bog Roll' - photo from The Royal Bengal Restaurant, Keswick
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'A little sink' - photo from The Royal Bengal Restaurant, Keswick
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'The Lone P*sser' - photo from The Royal Bengal Restaurant, Keswick
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The Royal Bengal Restaurant, Keswick

The Royal Bengal Restaurant
Central Car Park Road
CA12 5DF
  Tel: 01768 774 756

Added: 11/14/2009
Modified: 7/31/2012 9:30:40 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Royal Bengal is an Indian Restaurant located on the main car park in the middle of Keswick.

Enter via the entrance hall / waiting room, and turn right into the main eating room.

There were plenty of waiters on duty on our recent visit. We were seated straight away, and Popadoms and Drinks were arranged, whilst we pondered the menu.

The Chicken Jalfrezi was mega, and the Peshwari Nan, the Indian Lager too!

In fact, all the food was very good.. the service was good.. one only criticism was that the waiters may have been to eager, and uncoordinated, i.e. one asking you were ok every other minute!

Prices wise, all was very resonable, and the food came quick and hot!

The toilets can be located back from the waiting room & fountain, near the entrance.

The Gents Toilets here is a pretty basic setup... one urinal, sink, one cubicle...

The single urinal is in a corner, next to the cubicle wall, and next to the window.

The sink area is in the next corner, near a radiator. It is a small corner sink, under a mirror. The soap was on the window sill.

The cubicle houses a basic sh*tter, with plastic seat, and a modern cistern-mounted flush button. There was plenty of bog roll, they must have been expecting us!

The loos were all clean etc.

Overall - Great Curry & Service. Basic bogs, but clean. 6/10

There is currently 1 comment about The Royal Bengal Restaurant, Keswick

#1: Comment left by sharon and john of fleetwood

“would not use this place again a total of 2 hrs for a delivery and that ic half of the missing order then when we phoned we were told i thought ya was collecting it Doha why would i ask or a takeaway and then want to collect th missing order myself would not touch with a barge pole very basic bland Indian needs to go and get some proper Indian spices to be honest they do not deserve a review food is not good service is not good im going to bed hungry and fed up ”

Date: 7/27/2012 10:38:54 PM

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