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'A Massive P*ss-Stone, fit for Prince Albert!' - photo from Prince Albert, Macclesfield
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'Bog One, Black Seat.' - photo from Prince Albert, Macclesfield
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'Bog Two, Brown Seat.' - photo from Prince Albert, Macclesfield
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'The sink area, even has the plug!' - photo from Prince Albert, Macclesfield
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'2010 - Toilet Rules sign' - photo from Prince Albert, Macclesfield
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'2010 - Urinal Soap Collection' - photo from Prince Albert, Macclesfield
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Prince Albert, Macclesfield

Prince Albert
140 Newton Street
SK11 6RW
  Tel: 01625 424 522

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 10/28/2013 9:20:14 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Located on Newton Street, this pub is a bit of an arse to find, a group of us took about 10 mins wandering round the back streets of Bond St to find this pub.

On a cold December evening, opening the door on this establishment is well worth it. We found a warm and cosy little pub, surprisingly big for its location.

The pub is basically on big room, with the bad seperated off by beams. All around are beer jugs and old brass wares, a nice old style pub.

There is a dartboard toward the front of the pub, a game was in progress when we visited.

There was also a television, approximately 25 inch, showing Sky Sports.

What does the bar have to offer i hear you say. Well, there was Old Hooky from Hook Norton, a nice pint it was too.

Also available are Carlsberg, Carling Extra Cold, Guinness and a few other choice tipples. For the lady with you, this pub has an excellent range of alco-pops and bottles, considering the size and location of the pub.

Sit and relax to the jukebox, although it kept skipping this evening, they need some new cds i think!

Right, enough waffle about the pub, you're here for the toilets, so here's the lowdown...

the door to the gents is at the back of the pub, two doors in a Z shape arrangement and then you're in!

The first thing that will strike you is "Bloody Hell... The P*sser is Massive!" and massive it is. This p*ss-stone could probably accomodate 10 men! not what you expect from a back-street pub, but certainly not disappointing.

A nice p*sser, I enjoyed my quick p*ss here. Common Macc red floor tiles accompany the p*sser, above it are a few small windows.

Either side of the p*ss stone are the two cubicles. Very similar, but slightly different in that the one on the right has a black seat, and the left one a brown wood colour seat.

Bog brushes and large roll dispenser in both cubicles, as well s toilet-blu, very commendable!

Opposite the stones are the sink, soap mirror and hand-dryer. A nice clean sink, as you might expect of a small pub, even had the plug intact!

Overall a great find on a cold sunday night



Update April 2010:

We stumbled back into The Prince Albert on a spring-time weekday night.

It was fairly late, 10:30 or so, and there were a few drinkers in, along with the landlords, and family.

We enjoyed some Guinness an John Smiths Bitter, a packet of crisps, and a game of pool.

Pool here is still 50p, unlike much of Macc.

The European Bar Lady was very nice!

Decor wise, everything was just as good as on our last visit. This is a proper pub, and well worth a trip!

To the loos then, access the gents at the very back of the pub.

I took a quick look in the two cubicles, nothing special really, it is the urinal / p*ss stone that makes this pub toilet!

There is a great plaque on the window sill above the urinal, reading.

"Toilet Rules:
1. If you lift it up..... Put it down.
2. If it runs out..... Replace it.
3. If you miss it..... Clean it up.
4. If you've finished..... Flush it.
5. If it stinks..... Spray it.

P.S. Guys, stand closer.....
It may be shorther than you think."

See Photo... Great Advice!

There was also a good congregation of p*ss soaps in the urinal, by the grill on the left, see new photo!


There are currently 3 comments about Prince Albert, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Dave of Ashton U Lyne

“You have fialed to mention there is live entertainment on Saturday evening's.

But you are correct about the staff and customers are very nice people.”

Date: 10/4/2008 4:03:25 PM

#2: Comment left by Lucianne of Macclesfield

“Thanks for the great reviews and yes it was a great pub customers were like family there and in the seven months i worked there i have never had any nasty encounter , i miss that pub hope it opens again we used to have great nights there and i never got bored working there.this is the european girl am from Malta and thanks for the nice comments.”

Date: 6/20/2010 5:02:36 PM

#3: Comment left by Paul of Macclesfield

“This pub needs looking @ again it's gone down hill”

Date: 10/24/2013 5:09:48 PM

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