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'The Urinals, Poor State of Floor!' - photo from Bulls Head, Congleton
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'Cubicle One, Plenty of Poo Roll' - photo from Bulls Head, Congleton
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'Cubicle Two, A F*cking Store Room!' - photo from Bulls Head, Congleton
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'What nice sinks these are!' - photo from Bulls Head, Congleton
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Bulls Head, Congleton

Bulls Head
4 Mill Street
CW12 1AB
  Tel: 01260 273388
Web: Bulls Head

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Recently refitted, This Hydes pub in Congleton is a very popular pub, dead in the centre of the Congleton.

Quite a large building, the pub has a modern style, and during the day is excellent for a lunchtime visit.

On tap are the range of Hydes offerings, including Hydes Bitter, Jekkyl's Gold, Hydes Black Stout and Harp Lager, an excellent pint of 4.3% abv!

Stay Sharp! Drink Harp!

I had a meal here, Steak and Guinness Pie, with Chips and Peas. The portion was pretty stingey to be honest, but the pie was nice, was tasty crisp chips, so that went some way to cushion the disappointment.

Laid out with tables during the day, but i can well imagine this establishment getting quite rowdy in the evenings.

The toilets are situated on the far right hand side, opposite the bar area, by some plasma screen televisions.

Well, to say the least i wasn't too impressed with this sh*t-house, dying for a Hydes Black Sh*t, i was expecting a treasure, but i found a shabby mess.

The 4 urinals are in a section to the left of the room, not too bad in here, fairly clean p*ssers, but wouldn't exactly win a design award

One thing you will notice is the floor, it's poorly finished, and looks like it was mid-way through painting when the builders gave up!

That sh*t was poking out by this point, so i needed to drop me grundies!

There are two cubicles , so i thought i'd check out the far one!

Shock Horror! It's full of all manner of junk! Tubber Mats, Buckets, its a bloody tip for all the building materials. F*cking Charming, i was hoping for a good sh*t too!

I Guess i'll have to use the other, bloody hell this ones actually ok. A white bog and seat, spare sh*te roll, i had a good sh*t!

After leaving the cubicles, the twin sinks are directly in front of you, clean with twin soaps and a large mirror, directly adjacent to a jonny machine. This is actually the best presented part of the whole room.

Wet hands now though, where the f*ck is the hand-dryer?

A quick look round find it in the p*sser room, bloody stupid place to put it if you ask me.

Ok then, summing up, a nice pub, but very disappointing toilets.


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