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'Urinals, leaking into buckets' - photo from The Reginald Mitchell, Hanley
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'Plain Cubicle Loos' - photo from The Reginald Mitchell, Hanley
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'Sink Area One' - photo from The Reginald Mitchell, Hanley
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'Sink Area Two' - photo from The Reginald Mitchell, Hanley
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The Reginald Mitchell, Hanley

The Reginald Mitchell
20 Parliament Row
  Tel: 01782 281 082

Added: 12/31/2009
Modified: 12/31/2009 4:44:31 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

A big Wetherspoons Pub in an old stone building in the middle of Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

The pub is set on two floors: a large downstairs, and an impressive upper balcony floor.

Service is possible on both floors as there are two bars.

We visited during a weekday, and the pub seemed veyr busy, especially with single mums (with their kids), and pensioners.

From the food menu we selected the old classic spoons meal of Beer & Burger. We ordered the Cheese Burger, with Tuborg Lager as our tipple.

The price was good, around a fiver, and we got out Tuborg straight away, and were advised that food would be approx 20 minutes.

Plenty of staff seemed available, it was good to see them clearing tables quickly to make room for new customers.

The beer was very nice, and true-to-word, the food arrived without excessive wait.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Burger meals, and the remains of our pints.

I'm not sure if there are two sets of toilets or not, but as we were upstairs, we visited the gents up there...

The flooring tiles are of black and white diamonds, to your right are 6 urinals, separated by mini walls, opposite them are some cubicles, and there are sinks near the entrance.

Urinals wise, all 6 were on, but a few had buckets underneath, a sure sign of leaky plumbing!

The walls behind the p*ssers are synthetic, and seem less classy than the rest of the room, and the pub at large.

The cubilces were quite bland, a turquoise coloured suround, with a white bog, the double roll holder etc... clean though.

The sinks were subtle, set under mirrors with metal soap dispensers, a dryer and a Trojan condom machine.

The taps were those bloody annoying push-on ones that stop as soon as you let go! Grrr!

A nice pub, good service, busy with all types, bogs ok but could be nicer, and they need to fix the leaky urinals!


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