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'Nice Urinals and Wall Tiles' - photo from Varsity Bar, Hanley
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'Lights out, and loo roll on toilet seat' - photo from Varsity Bar, Hanley
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'Sinks, broken soap, condoms' - photo from Varsity Bar, Hanley
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Varsity Bar, Hanley

Varsity Bar
2-6 Percy Street
  Tel: 01782 205 730

Added: 3/24/2010
Modified: 3/24/2010 7:37:46 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

We found Varsity Bar quite by accident whilst looking for somewhere to have a bite to eat, whilst on a shopping trip in Hanley.

Outside we saw our first glimpse of the menu, which looked very interesting, and included "Dirty Food", including a Dirty Dog's Dinner - Chips, Sausage and Beans, mashed up and servded in a Dog Bowl!

Needless to say, we went in to find out more.

This is a large pub, with lots of comfy leatherette seating areas, a large bar, and a pool table area to the rear.

As a Barracuda Group pub, the food here is wide ranging and high quality.

There was lots to choose from, we had the Spicy Jalapeno Enchiladas, and the Rocky Chicken, both 5.49, and some Garlic Bread too.

The food was delicious, and served by a very friendly and helpful lady.

If you are on a budget, there are also some classic dishes at just 2.99 each!

For drink, we had Wychwood Paddy's Tout, very nice, and Coffees after our Scran.

Incidentally, one thing about the menu, they have written Scran wrong, as "Scram" - take note!

After food and drink, a trip to the lavatories was in order. These can be found upstairs from the front entrance.

On entrance to The Gents, there is a sink area opposite, or turn right to see cubicles on your left, and urinalss to your right.

The room is partially tiled in nice dark green tiles, the painted walls have been subject to some graffiti though, probably on the Monday 1 Drinks Night!

All 6 Urinals seemed well kept.

Opposite are 3 cubicles. The first was ok, door locked, bog flushed, had loo roll. The second had the light out, and the third had loo roll bunged over it, see photo.

Concealed cisterns, and no bog brushes, pretty standard for this type + size of pub really.

The sink worktop is open at the bottom, revealing two nicely plumbed sinks. Push button taps, but somebody had broken the soap dispnser.

There are two metal hand driers, and a Naughty Vend condom facility, and also a list of upcoming live tv sport events.

Good Pub, Excellent Food + Beer, OK Bogs, if a bit tatty.


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