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'Nice and Neat Metal Urinal!' - photo from The Newsroom, Edinburgh
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'Toilet Cubicles... will you Read The Paper?' - photo from The Newsroom, Edinburgh
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'Sink Area, from rear of toilets.' - photo from The Newsroom, Edinburgh
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The Newsroom, Edinburgh

The Newsroom
7 - 11 Leith Street
  Tel: 0131 557 5830
Web: The Newsroom

Added: 4/30/2010
Modified: 4/30/2010 8:38:31 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Newsroom is a Bar / Club / Pub type establishment, in the middle of the City of Edinburgh, far from the Waverley Train Station.

Having been out on the p*ss at a few smaller pubs earlier in the evening, it was time to find a late bar upon closing time, and we arrived at The Newsroom.

The decor is modern, with comfy furniture and art on the walls. The bar area is kind of a round shape, in the middle of the premises. To the rear is a pool table, and the was Sky Sports News on television screens.

The beer selection was more Commercial than Local. We ordered two pints of John Smith's Extra Smooth Bitter. At 3.10 a pint, it certainly wasn't cheap, but tasted just fine.

The bar lady was nice and friendly.

We stayed for a little while and nursed oour bevvies.

Off to the loo? Head downstairs...

The Gents room is brown / beige tiled.

It has a metal urinal trough, neatly integrated into the wall tiling. It had soaps in it to keep it fresh.

Opposite, a sink area with 3 metal sinks, under a mirror. Some of the push-on taps were a bit broken; usable, but the top-caps look like a poor design that had come off.

With the sinks were soap, dryer, and a bin too.

To the rear of the room are located two toilet cubicles.

The cubicles were nothing too exciting. White loos, with isterns hidden in the wall. Quite high up flush buttons. They locked ok, but there was bog roll on the floor, see photo.

Not a bad bar, not cheap, not mega, ok sh*tters. 6/10

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