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'Unusualt Sink Top' - photo from Gerrard's Corner Restaurant, London
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'Urinal contrast well with surrounds' - photo from Gerrard's Corner Restaurant, London
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'Cosy Toilet Cubicle' - photo from Gerrard's Corner Restaurant, London
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Gerrard's Corner Restaurant, London

Gerrard's Corner Restaurant
30 Wardour Street
China Town
Greater London
  Tel: 0207 287 1878
Fax: 0207 734 4426
Web: Gerrard's Corner Restaurant

Added: 5/1/2010
Modified: 5/1/2010 8:48:27 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Gerrard's Corner is a Chinese Restaurant in the heart of London's China Town, on Wardour Street / the corner of Gerrard Street.

The restaurant is open all day, offering Dim-Sum, Main Courses and Fresh Seafood.

Enter via the front door, up a few steps, and you will be seated by the waiting on staff.

The resturant is clean, the layout quite conservative, and the tables decorated nicely.

TV Screens in the restaurant show the usual Chinese Karaoke that is common in such establishments.

We ordered a few beers, Tiger and Tsingtao. The (beer) sizes were small, half pint-ish, infact the tiger was from a Coke Sized Tin!

Beer... Dear, but tasty.

Anyway, we were there for scran...
We shared some Rice and Noodles, and had individually dishes with Duck, Beef and King Prawn.

All was very tasty, and well protioned, not too much, not too small.

The bill for 3 meals, with bevvies, was 40 - 50 in the daytime, so not too bad.

After eating, and indeed before, it is always a good idea to visit the toilets. Find these downstairs, past the Karaoke Lounge!

On entrance to the gents, you will see a sink and mirror opposite, and a urinal to the left of that. Opposite and to the left of the urinal are also two cubicles.

The sink is really unusual... turn the tap to the desired heat and flow (a bit like on a shower), then water emerged from the spout and runs off down the stone / marble top. There is hand-soap available.

This feature looks nice, but may not be so hygeinic, and must be a swine maintenance wise if it ever leaked around the sides.. as mentioned, nice to look at though.

The mirror above is small and elegant, whilst the pillar to the left has a hand dryer on it.

The room is tiled in black / brown, and the white urinal is a good contrast to this. It was clean, and to it's left, by one of the cubicles, is a little table with dried flowers on. Infact, it also had a loo roll and a bottle of disinfectant on, see photo.

We had a look in the toilet cubicle opposite the urinal..

The brown tiling is more obvious in here... not the biggest of cubicles, houseing a nice rounded white loo with plastic seat, loo roll and a locking door.

Nice Restaurant & Loos! 8/10

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