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Always wash your hands! will close at the end of October 2018. Thank you all. It has been a fun 14 years!

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'The Legendary Jilly's Bogs' - photo from Jillys Rockworld, Manchester
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'Polite wall notice' - photo from Jillys Rockworld, Manchester
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Jillys Rockworld, Manchester

Jillys Rockworld
65 Oxford Street
Greater Manchester
M1 6EQ
  Tel: 0161 236 9971
Web: Jillys Rockworld

Added: 5/5/2010
Modified: 5/25/2010 8:15:30 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Jillys Rockworld has for many years been the best rock / metal / alternative nightclub venu in Manchester.

Unfortunately, as of 13th April 2010, Rockworld has now closed it's doors for the final time, and this review is simply a tribute.

Rockworld had 3 separate rooms with their own DJs, playing a variety of rock genre's. This extended in recent years with the addition of the 4th room, hard to find if you hadn't been before.

As expected, the club was painted largely black, with art work etc. There were several bar areas, a beer sodden pool table, and some arcade machines.

I for one have had some awesome nights in here over the years, some sh*t ones too, but the place is legendary, perhaps for it's toilets too.

The bogs could be found up the entrance steps into the club, just past the cloakc room, and before turning right into the club itself.

I have spent many an hour in here, taking a p*ss, having a chat, feeling rough.

There used to be a great old-man lavatory attendant in here, he was a legend!

As this review is being written after the club closing, it would be good if anyone could provide any extra photos of the loos in here, preferably with no people on. Please Contact The Team if you can help.

So, from what we can see here, we recall the cream walls, the red cubicles, the urinals, and the sink area.

As mentioned, many an hour has been spent in here just chatting sat on the sink area, and you can easily imagine the toilet man mopping up p*ss as we reminisce.

Infact, the second phot is about sitting on the sink, a notice that reads:

"Please So Not Obstruct or Sit on the Washbasins

Thank You

Jilly's Management


Thanks to the Jilly's Facebook Page admins for authorising this review, and to the Group / Page Rockworld's Toilets, for providing the two photos.

Club, great 9/10, bogs, pretty sh*tty 5/10, or in legendary terms 10/10.

There is currently 1 comment about Jillys Rockworld, Manchester

#1: Comment left by Tilly of Macclesfield

“God I remember throwing up so badly here after it was too hot in the summer, and I'd drank far to much Red Bull!”

Date: 5/25/2010 12:29:13 AM

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