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'Mop and Urinal' - photo from Jimmy Chung's Restaurant, Edinburgh
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'Condom Machines and Sinks' - photo from Jimmy Chung's Restaurant, Edinburgh
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'More Sinks and Toilet Cubicles' - photo from Jimmy Chung's Restaurant, Edinburgh
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'Well Maintained Toilet' - photo from Jimmy Chung's Restaurant, Edinburgh
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Jimmy Chung's Restaurant, Edinburgh

Jimmy Chung's Restaurant
17 Waverley Bridge
  Tel: 0131 556 3313
Fax: 0131 556 3393
Web: Jimmy Chung's Restaurant

Added: 5/11/2010
Modified: 5/11/2010 8:43:55 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

If you have come to Edinburgh via Waverley train station, you may well have noticed Jimmy Chung's Chinese Buffet Bar & Restaurant whilst exiting the station.

Don't be put of by the slightly tatty looking exterior of the railway station complex, inside a treat awaits you!

On entrance, admire the tropical fish tank by the service desk.. shortly after you will be seated by one of the staff.

You will probably be walked past the food / buffet selection to be seated, take in the nice modern and clean decor.

Buffet prices vary depending on time of day, and the day itself, but are approx 10 - 15 per head. We ordered some Red Wine, which was very nice.

Now to the scran... there was allsorts of Chinese and Thai Scran to choose from, from Duck to Pork to Chicken to Beef to Squid based dishes.

We ate royally, then had deep fried banana with ice cream and maple syrup as our desert, wondereful!

As it is eat as much as you like, you can try things you wouldn't normally have ordered in a formal restaurant. All scran was of high quality.

The toilets are kind of towards the rear centre of the restaurant, the Gent's being on the left down a short corrisor...

The floor if the gents is red coloured, with the walls being pre-fab plastic style blue, with blue cubicles.

There is a big long metal urinal trough, with soap, and there was a mop on hand for spillage.

Besides the urinal area, the room splits into two, one side with just sinks, and the other with more sinks opposite cubicles.

The sink side is white ceramic tiled, with coloured border tiles, 3 sinks, dryer and condom facilities.

Around the toilet side are another 3 sinks, and 2 cubicles.

The cubicles were washed in toilet-blue, and had brushes, lots of roll, and locking doors.... well looked after indeed.

Recommended 9/10

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