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'Long Urinal Stone, Metal Pipe Guard' - photo from Bennets Bar, Edinburgh
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'Urinal Cistern + Metal Cladding' - photo from Bennets Bar, Edinburgh
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'Sh*tter and Sink' - photo from Bennets Bar, Edinburgh
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Bennets Bar, Edinburgh

Bennets Bar
8 Leven Street
  Tel: 0131 229 5143

Added: 5/15/2010
Modified: 5/15/2010 9:26:34 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Bennets Bar is on Leven St, a short stroll from the heart of the city, and sits next to The King's Theatre.

From the front, it looks like an old Irish-like pub, painted in green and very traditional looking.

On entrance, you will find a large traditional pub, with a long bar.

We came in after a theatre performance had finished, and found the pub to be very busy.

We ordered some drinks, McEwans I think, then were wondering where to sit...

... a trip to the back of the pub reveals a second pub area, known as "The Green Room", to your right.

Things were much more relaxed in here... and the room had it's own bar, bargain!

We sat down at an old spinning-table, and enjoyed our tipples.

Prices were good, staff friendly, atmospher good (but busy in the front bar), and decor was of a highly kept standard.

The toilets can be located from the corridor bit, that links the two bar areas.

The gents sports brown and white tiled walls, and a chequered black + white floor to match.

On the far wall, under a window, is a massive long old p*ss stone urinal, with an unusual metal flush water delivery system, see photo.

Look up, and you'll see the metal pipe channel is fed from the old stone cistern... we suspect the metal outer is merely to protect normal pipework.

To the left of the p*sser is a jonny machine, and opposite is the cubicle and sink.

The cubicle houses a traditional black and white toilet, with loo brush, roll, and a good locking door.

There are two nice brass taps on the sink, with a soap dispenser, and working hand dryer.

Popular pub, nice beer, traditional toilets with some good features! 8/10

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