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'six well serviced urinals' - photo from Engine Room, Leek
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'big open sink area' - photo from Engine Room, Leek
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'a p*ss, or some condoms?' - photo from Engine Room, Leek
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'toilet, with loo brush' - photo from Engine Room, Leek
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Engine Room, Leek

Engine Room
2-3 Market Square
ST13 6HX
  Tel: 01538 370 003

Added: 6/8/2010
Modified: 6/8/2010 8:39:49 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Engine Room is located on the main market quare in the middle of Leek, and surrounds the Tourist Information building.

It is a Smith and Jones pub, with focus on good pub grub, great beer, and a family friendly atmosphere.

We came in on a Sunday.. our first impression was that the pub seemed quite dark / dimly lit.

There are several seating areas, we found a seat and pondered the menu.

Given the day, it had to be the Sunday Lunch, available with either Beef or Half a Roast Chicken for 5.99. We had one of each between us, served with Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Brocolli, Cauliflour and Gravy... absolutely smashing it was, and a terrific portion!

The beer selection was good, but we opted to try some Costa Coffee as it was lunchtime.

Service was quick, and the bar girls were both helpful and friendly.

The loos are located up a flight of stairs, near the front of the pub...

This is more like it, the lights are turned up up here!

Enter the gents, and on the far left you will see 6 urinals.

These are in threes, set on balck and white painted tiling and on an orange painted wall, with advert baords etc. Very nicely kept.

To their left, kind of behind you on entrance, are 3 sinks in a nice marble worktop, under a big grand mirror. Sink, Soap, Dryer all worked fine.

On the wall at the other end of the urinals is a condom machine.

Next to this are 2 cubicles.

The cubicles are made of a nice wood, and housed white loos, with toilet brushes!

Paper was plentiful, and the doors locked.

Nice Pub, Excellent Food, Good Bogs... maybe turn the lights up a little downstairs, take note!


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