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'Nice Urinals, watch out, they sometimes leak!' - photo from Beba, Macclesfield
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'The Sh*tter, not much room in there!' - photo from Beba, Macclesfield
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'Which Bog?' - photo from Beba, Macclesfield
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'a nice c*nt rag bin' - photo from Beba, Macclesfield
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'ladies sink area' - photo from Beba, Macclesfield
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Beba, Macclesfield

3-7 Samuel St
SK11 6UW
  Tel: 01625 869996
Web: Beba

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 2/28/2008

Written By Hans Dryer

2006 Update - Beba has now closed

The old review is as follows


Beba, Macclesfields best club night with top DJs from around the country.

Now also doing a band night on a wednesday.

Bar wise, the club is very presentable, two pool tables to amuse yourself, and a fruit machine.

Drinks highlights include Red Stripe in tin cans!

Small stage / dance floor creates a very cosy atmosphere, and there are plenty of comfy sofas to sit on.

The toilets are great.
The three urinals sometimes leak, so mind you don't get splash back as you p*ss!

Small cubicle is a bit chlostrophobic, having a sh*t as you hold on to the door.

A nice room overall, wash basins and a useful mirror.

Johnny machine sells Blow-Up Sheep !!!

Rating 8/10

Update - May 2006 - Ladies Bogs.

Lets take a look at the ladies sh*tters!

Enter the door, and you will see a lightish room, with a cream and pink theme.

There are two bogs opposite, and if you do a u-turn round you will find the sinks tucked away behind the door.

The toilets are white with wooden seats, bog roll dispensers seem full, and there are rag bins, door locks work fine too!

The sinks, 3 of, work fine, and there are 2 soap dispensers and mirrors between.

To the left of these is a big mirror and a hand dryer, opposite these, by the door, is a big novelty condom dispenser, similar to the one in the gents.

Good Stuff - 8/10

There is currently 1 comment about Beba, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Tilly of Macclesfield

“i washed them buggers 100 times over. the cubicle was so small you could hardly swing a cat in it”

Date: 2/28/2008 6:12:56 PM

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