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'Condoms and Urinal' - photo from The Rocket, London
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'Football Game in Urinal' - photo from The Rocket, London
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'The Rocket Crapper' - photo from The Rocket, London
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'four sinks round a corner' - photo from The Rocket, London
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The Rocket, London

The Rocket
120 Euston Road
Greater London
  Tel: 0207 388 00 21
Web: The Rocket

Added: 8/6/2010
Modified: 8/6/2010 5:33:17 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

We found The Rocket whilst wandering from Euston Station late one weekday morning, as we fancied a beer and some food.

The pub looked inviting, had outdoor seating, and the menu is on display in the window, next to a large picture of a bull.

We went inside, sat and pondered the menu. There is a large choice of seating types, small tables, sofa-type chairs, tall chairs.

The pub is nicely decorated, with some quotes / snippets of knowledge round the bar, and a Video Jukebox. The Jukebox has some rules, amongst them - no songs from Glee, and no Guns n' Roses!

We ordered two meals for 6 - bargain, a Chicken Wrapped in BBQ Sauce, Cheese and Bacon, I forget it's name, and Scampi and Chips. Another group member also tried the Veggie Lasagne. All the food was good, and came after a wait of approx 20 minutes, during which we enjoying beer and coca cola.

Staff were friendly and helpful.

The toilets are downstairs, underneath the pub...

From the stair bottom, go straight opposite to use the gents...

Through the doors to your left is a big long, corner spanning, p*ss trough, past the condom machine. his urinal has been well used, and has nice stains.

Part way down was a little football game you could p*ss on to push the footballs (the urinal soaps) into the net! see photo.

Opposite the urinal area are the sinks, also corner spanning, and opposite them are two sh*tters.

Four sinks, 2 mirrors, nice work top, hand dryer. All good, but soap would be nice too.

In the sh*tters, you'll find white loo's with cisterns hidden in green woodwork. One had no seat, and the roll holders were broke, so the bog roll was just on the back shelf. Not a problem really, both locked ok!

Overall, a really friendly pub, great food. Toilets need a few things addressing, but the football game made it all better!


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