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'A Round Urinal!' - photo from Lodz Airport Restaurant, Lodz
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'White Loo, Grey Walls, Bin' - photo from Lodz Airport Restaurant, Lodz
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'Sink, well kept, with soap' - photo from Lodz Airport Restaurant, Lodz
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Lodz Airport Restaurant, Lodz

Lodz Airport Restaurant
ul. Gen. S. Maczka 35
Added: 8/14/2010
Modified: 8/14/2010 10:32:01 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

This is the restaurant / bar / lounge, located next to the main terminal building and car park, at Lodz Airport.

If anybody knows the full name of this restaurant, please let us know using the comments box below.


We came in here for a meal and a drink, whilst awaiting a flight out of Lodz.

We found a modern, subtly painted, and open reaturant, with plentiful seating.

On the walls are pictures of Aircraft, new and old!

The bar is in the middle, we sat down to be served at a table.

The waitress did not speak any English. As we did not speak Polish, we all spoke German.

We ordered some Zywiec beers, which we had come to really enjoy during our trip to Poland.

The menu allowed us to order meals in parts, i.e. a starter, a main and a side.

I order some Carp, and very nice it was too, and at a good price.

Service was efficient, and we were all very happy with our food and beer.

Before boarding an aircraft, it's always good to empty your tank, so I popped downstairs after my meal, to the Gents...

The walls down here are grey and patterned. There is a sink, a round urinal, and a toilet.

The urinal is a very nice shape indeed, a round ellipsis bowl, with a soap-cake clipped onto it for hygeine, and a central hole / escape pipe!

The toilet is plain white and modern, and low enough for children. It has a top-mounted flush button. There was lots of loo roll, and a bin.

The sink area is nicely kept, with soap, a small mirror, hand towels or a drier.


Recommended if at the airport prior to a flight. Good food and drink, well kept loos, good service. 8/10

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