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'Urinals, Well Lit' - photo from Harrington Arms, Gawsworth
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'Nice Clean Loo' - photo from Harrington Arms, Gawsworth
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'A Simple Sink' - photo from Harrington Arms, Gawsworth
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'Door, Dryer, Radiator' - photo from Harrington Arms, Gawsworth
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Harrington Arms, Gawsworth

Harrington Arms
Chruch Lane
SK11 9RR
  Tel: 01260 223 325

Added: 2/8/2011
Modified: 2/8/2011 11:00:47 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub is right by the church in Gawsworth, nr. Macclesfield, just done the road from Gawsworth Hall.

It is a very old pub. Infact, last year it celebrated it's 300th Anniversary, the pub opening in 1710!

The pub is largely untouched by modern furnishings, it is charming with many period features, pew seating, open fire etc.

The pub is part of the Robinson's estate, expect great Unicorn, Hatters, Veltin's Lager and Stamford Press Cider.

In the summer you may wish to sit outside too, and take in the rural views.

Food is a main attraction for visiting the pub. We came on a Sunday for a roast, at 8.20 it was delicious, with choice of Turkey, Lamb or Beef. Other meals, including sandwiches were also available.

Service was very friendly, and all tasted great, food and beer!

The toilets are situated toward the back of the pub. From the back corridor, take a right to the Gents.

The bogs are a little more modern than the rest of the pub, but not overly so.

You will come in trhough a quared window door to see 3 urinals to your right and a cubicle to the left. The urinals were clean, and witha nice cistern. A board above them was advertising the limited edition 300th Anniversary T-Shirts! There are 2 splash plates dividing the 3 bays.

The wall tiling is cream, and the room is well lit form the windows at the rear.

The toilet in the cubicle was white, with a plastic white seat, a nice loo brush, roll, locking door, air freshener, and a window for extra light. Well kept too.

The sink is a nice shape with simple push-on hot or cold taps (red or blue dotted). These sit under a soap dispenser and large mirror, with no smoking sign. There is also a no smoking sign on the back of the cubicle door - be warned!

The stainless steel metal dryer is near a radiator near the door, and worksed fine.

Excellent - 9/10

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