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'Sink, Mosaic Mirror' - photo from The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne
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'Ladies Toilet' - photo from The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne
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The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne

The Witchwood
152 Old Street
Ashton Under Lyne
Greater Manchester
  Tel: 0161 344 0321
Web: The Witchwood

Added: 5/24/2011
Modified: 8/2/2011 5:27:03 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Witchwood is a live music venue and conjoined bar in Ashton, near to Manchester.

The live music venue features acts several times a week, whether they be cover artists, small to medium acts or singers on acoustic tours.

The pub is at the road side of the bar... it is medium sized, with a pool table, an old Street Fighter 2 arcade machine, ample seating and a good bar... The pub will be busy prior to the band venue opening in the evening.

On the bar are several hand pumped beers and real cider. We tried Otter, Holts and Janet's Jungle Juice cider!

The drinks are well priced too, not a rip off like they are in some Manchester music venues.

Once in the music bar, you can order the same drinks at the same great prices from the back of the same bar, good stuff!

We had a good night in here recently watching a well loved musician.

The toilets here are the ladies, in the pub area, which can be accessed to the left of the bar.

The walls in here are nicely presented in brown brick shaped tiles, there is a nice sparkly mosaic mirror above a sink on your way in.

The cubicle is at the far end.. It has a wide white loo, with sanitary bin. There was loo roll and a locking door.

Excellent Venue, and nice Ladies Loos!


There is currently 1 comment about The Witchwood, Ashton Under Lyne

#1: Comment left by Regular Guy of Gorton

“I have been an avid Witchwooder since I was 15 and have always loved returning to the place year after year. Being alot older now I thought another trip was due. What a disappointment! Although the the new tiles and toilets make it look nice, the toilets are the only improvement, the place smells even worse than I remember, plus the new manager likes to throw his weight around which is no wonder the place was empty. The glory days of this place have long gone, ya cant cover up something fancy with ikea without cleaning the rubbish underneath away! I wont be going back I want to remember it as the friendly place it used to be in my youth”

Date: 7/19/2011 2:06:45 PM

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