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'Old Urinals, Copper Piping' - photo from Monroes Hotel, Manchester
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'Sink, Urinal Cistern' - photo from Monroes Hotel, Manchester
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'Monroes Crapper' - photo from Monroes Hotel, Manchester
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'Pull ring To Flush Toilet' - photo from Monroes Hotel, Manchester
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Monroes Hotel, Manchester

Monroes Hotel
38 London Road
Greater Manchester
M1 2PF
  Tel: 0161 236 0564

Added: 6/17/2011
Modified: 6/17/2011 4:03:55 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Monroes is on the A6 / London Road, and effectively site opposite / in the shadow of Piccadilly Railway Station.

It is a large pub, and a hotel too apparently.

We came in one weekday evening to catch a weeknight football match with a few beers.

The beer wasn't amazing, creamflow Boddie's I think.

The landlady / bar bird was friendly enough.

We sat down and enjoyed the match, though one of the tellys wasn't exactly wired in correctly, so it was a bit fuzzy.

Nice comfy seating.

The bogs are to the left of the bar...

The Gent's is nicely tiled in a creamy yellow colour.

The old urinal looks nice and gleaming with the copper pipework, though one of the splash plates is long gone.. the old cistern above it is ok still.. see photo.

To the left is a sink, infront of a blanked out and barred up window. This worked fine, as did the dryer.

There is one cubicle behind the sink wall.

A black and white crap pot, with a nice loo brush, toilet roll and fully locking door.

The cubicle also boasts its own, and better, light.

Above the bog is of particular interest... a wooden panel is on top of the cistern, with what must be the remains of a one time pull-cord flush.

Now it is just a keyring, with a notice / sticker reading "Pull ring To Flush Toilet" - great advice, always make sure you flush!

Interesting pub, needs a bit of a makeover, but otherwise fine and dandy.


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