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'Beer Barrels and Bog' - photo from Pub Arkadia, Warsaw
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Pub Arkadia, Warsaw

Pub Arkadia
ul. Rynek Starego Miasta 18
Stare Miasto
  Tel: 022 635 92 14

Added: 6/17/2011
Modified: 6/17/2011 4:35:23 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Pub Arkadia is a quanit little pub underneath Arkadia Restaurant, and is only open at night.

Enter down the steps from the old town square, mind your head, the deiling is very low!

You'll find a one-room small pub, popular with locals watching football on the flat screen.

We had some Zywiec beer, in Litre Steins, and some Polish Vodka "wódka".

Service was friendly, from a young bar girl, and we were sat in the new "second room", a short and narrow room with its own tv.

The drinks went down a storm, and we watched Poland vs France on the telly.

Toilet time after all that beer, there is just one unisex toilet, at the back of the pub...

... this is also where they store the empty beer barrels, as you'll see when you enter.

We have been here two years running, there was no second room or much bog lighting last year, so this is a big improvement.

The room is quite big, but made smaller by the barrels. Side by side sit a toilet and sink. A loo roll / hand towel was on a chair, and there is a bin under the sink.

Nice place, small and full of character.


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