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'Crapper, Beer Cups' - photo from Apsley Cottage, Manchester
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Apsley Cottage, Manchester

Apsley Cottage
1 Apsley Grove
Ardwick Green
Greater Manchester
M12 6AW
  Tel: 0161 273 3657

Added: 7/18/2011
Modified: 7/18/2011 1:21:55 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub is on the side of the Manchester Apollo music venue, or the "o2 Apollo", as it is now known.

Do not let the big crowds of people outside put you off coming in here before a gig, it's well worth it!

Inside is a surprisingly big pub, basic in decor, with lovely old wooden beams across the ceiling and features.

The bar is in the middle, and does have Draught Beer, but this had ran out on our recent visit, a quick beer before watching Judas Priest.

We had tins of Budweiser, not exactly cheap at 3.10 and in a plastic glass, but the service was good and it tasted fine.

This place is full of history. To think of the bands who must have had a tipple in here!

The bogs are located at the back of the pub, through the double doors.

The Gents is very small, a very narrow urinal area, with sink in the corner, and one cubicle as you open the main door.

The place was too bus to photograph the urinals, so we only have evidence of the sh*tter.

It was modern, white, with a push button flush. The door had a nice solid bolt, and there was (limited) bog roll. There was a loo brush, alongside some discarded beer cups on the floor.

Excellent Pub, a must for any Apollo visit! 9/10.

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