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'Urinals' - photo from The Cornmill, Chilwell
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'Wash Basins' - photo from The Cornmill, Chilwell
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'Anyone for Poker' - photo from The Cornmill, Chilwell
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The Cornmill, Chilwell

The Cornmill
Swiney Way
  Tel: 0115 946 2913

Added: 12/14/2011
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:14:29 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Cornmill situated on the main road opposite MacDonaldís on Swiney Way is a real gem of a place since it opened under new management two years ago. The Cornmill is a newish pub being opened now for over ten years. Although a Green King pub donít let this put you off as it is a great place for a cheap decent meal. The drinks on the bar are ok for a typical Green King establishment. If you fancy real beer this probably isnít for you.

The pub is right next door to the shopping park so after shopping for tins of beans a pint or three was definitely on the bill. Upon my visit the pub was very busy as it is Christmas time. The pub had various types of customers in from professionals, chavs, OAPS and families. On my visit there were a group of pensioners and a group of handicaps enjoying a Christmas party with entertainment from a Ken Dodd look-alike (what more do you want).

Now the sh*tters.

This pub is a real gem as it has two, yes two toilets. The first visit for a pee was to the toilet situated two the right of the bar in the pub. To get to this bog you have to go through the dining area. After climbing through the OAPS and handicaps we arrive at the sh*tters.

The loos offer you an option of three urinals and one cubicle. The tiles on the wall and floor were white sparkling away as I p*ssed into the urinal. Two wash basins and a Johnny machine on the wall if you need to top up are available here. Various posters on the wall advertising several functions, one of them being a poker night.

The second sh*tter is located to the left of the bar opposite the drinking area of the pub. Similar toilet to the first one, but to my amazement there was a few more stains on the walls.

Overall this is a decent pub. Amazingly on a weekend night the pub seems to turn into a nightclub, often with live music. So be careful if you just want a quiet meal on a Saturday night because you might bump into a slapper or a chav here.

Rate this pub 8/10 for the two toilets option.

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