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'Dirty Bogs' - photo from Yates's, Nottingham
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'Which one is for you?' - photo from Yates's, Nottingham
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'Wash Basins' - photo from Yates's, Nottingham
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'Perhaps best get a taxi' - photo from Yates's, Nottingham
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Yates's, Nottingham

49 Long Row
  Tel: 0115 947 3334

Added: 12/15/2011
Modified: 6/13/2017 10:42:24 AM

Written By Paul Privy

Yatesís in Nottingham is a proper sh*thole of a pub and a great place to get p*ssed on a Saturday night. The bar is a very old pub in Nottingham with many generations of drinkers who have frequented the establishment over the years. The pub is not good for food and the quality of the drinks are crap. However the pub offers a great night scene on a weekend night as it turns into a nightclub. If your lucky you might pull a slapper or two here on a weekend night.

Where are the bogs you ask??

The ladies are located upstairs and the gents are located to the left at the far end of the pub down a flight of stairs.

After climbing down there we come to a very dark and smelly corridor. Follow it down and you will arrive at the Sh*tters.

The bogs here are proper rank and stink like hell. The bogs are long with an option of seven urinals and two cubicles. The black tiles add a very dark feel to the bogs. Be warned the toilets get packed on a weekend night and you often have to queue if you need a sh*t. Probably best to hang on if you need to pebble dash the pan. Probably best use the Wetherspoons opposite on St Jamesís Street.

This is really a dirty bog. If you just want a dance and a chance of pulling crack pop in here, otherwise its best avoided.

Rate this one 3/10.

There is currently 1 comment about Yates's, Nottingham

#1: Comment left by Dick of Nottingham

“This place gets particuarly busy on a weekend evening, with many drunk bafoons dancing in the middle of the pub, accidentaly knocking into everyone. Atmosphere is generally good, with that sort of testosterone fuelled edge that any city centre boozer has of a weekend, lagered up blokes that could kick off at any moment.
Bogs are awful, p*ss all over the shop and stink like death. As said use another nearby establishment for anything other than a number one, The Bell accross the road is nearest.”

Date: 4/21/2017 3:04:20 PM

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