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'New Refurbed Bogs' - photo from The Joseph Else, Nottingham
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'To Much Choice' - photo from The Joseph Else, Nottingham
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'The P*ssers' - photo from The Joseph Else, Nottingham
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'Now has it been cleaned' - photo from The Joseph Else, Nottingham
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The Joseph Else, Nottingham

The Joseph Else
11- 12 South Parade
Market Square
  Tel: 0115 947 5034

Added: 12/15/2011
Modified: 10/3/2012 9:20:11 AM

Written By Paul Privy

The Joseph Else is part of the Wetherspoons collections of pubs. The pub use to be the old Halfords. The pub is located right on the Old Market Square, just to the right as you face the Council House.

The pub is ok for a cheap meal and a few bevies day or night. Be warned though as all the local lowlife seem to congregate at this establishment. The bar is in the centre of the pub. The pub can get a bit dirty and scruffy so be warned. Again the pub can get rather packed on a weekend night, but once your in there is a great place to have a pint or ten.

Now the bogs.

There are two sh*tters in this public house, one is upstairs where there is another bar and seating area. You can sit up here, sup your pint and gaze down at the Old Market Square of Nottingham. The main bog is on the ground floor right to the far end of the pub down the stairs. Both the ladies and gents bogs are located down the stairs.

Recently the toilets were refurbished and it needed doing. New wooden flooring and a brown colour feel to the sh*tters, what a fantastic change to the old grimy ones.

On offer we have six urinals and four cubicles. The toilet is a typically big Wetherspoons bog. Strangely there are over seven wash basins to help your self to. Nearly more wash basins then toilets.

Overall this bog is good and definitely better now refurbished.


There is currently 1 comment about The Joseph Else, Nottingham

#1: Comment left by Shell of Notts

“Its a alcoholics bar”

Date: 10/3/2012 12:55:31 AM

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