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'Urinals' - photo from The Salutation Inn , Nottingham
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'Ye Old Wash Basins' - photo from The Salutation Inn , Nottingham
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'Historic Bog' - photo from The Salutation Inn , Nottingham
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The Salutation Inn , Nottingham

The Salutation Inn
Maid Marion Way
  Tel: 0871 951 1000

Added: 12/23/2011
Modified: 7/2/2012 11:38:02 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Salutation Inn is a very historic pub filled with plenty of character. The pub is a real gem in the Nottingham pub scene and its heritage.

The traditional sign of this like-named hostelries (I.e. of the Archangel Gabriel ‘Saluting the Virgin Mary) aroused the religious scruples of the Puritans when they came to political power (1649-1659) and formed the so called Commonwealth Government. The innkeeper here was ordered by the new masters either to remove the offending sign or have it repainted and some approved sign substituted. Naturally, he wished neither to alter his sign out of all recognition nor to lose his licence, so he compromised- as did many of the royalists colleagues- by renaming his Inn the ‘Solider and Citizen’. Despite this it thankfully the name of the Salutation stuck all along with its punters and the name as never chaged since.

The pub dates around 1240 AD. Research has suggested that the first building on the site of the pub was an homestead of an unnamed Tanner who made animal skins into leather. There are lots of tales of the pub being a naughty hell fires club in Georgian period are probably a load of crap.

Beneath the Inn are several rock-hewn chambers and rock caverns. The original purpose of the caves are thought to have been occupied by Saxon folk and supposedly created the caves in the 9th century. The caves later on were used for the storage of Nottingham Ale.

Enough of the History, the pub is a friendly ran pub and is currently mostly occupied by bikers (some hairy). Excellent range of ales and ciders on my visit, well kept to. We went on a Friday night and the pub was packed. It was time to get some ale inside thee. A friendly tasty barmaid served us pints of ale all night.

The pub has its traditional two snugs and main bar area. Why not go on the Nottingham Ghost walk which leaves from the pub every Saturday night throughout the year at 7.00pm.

Reeeet its time for a p*ss.

The toilets here are located to the right of the pub just beyond the bar. What’s on offer?

We have three urinals and one cubicle here. Two wash basins and two wall mirrors. These bogs are newish and are usually kept very clean. Nice black and white décor in the bog adding to that gothic touch. A visit into the cubicle showed the bowl to be clean and plenty of arse wipe available.

Overall decent loos which come with a decent pub.


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