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'Plenty of Cleaning Fluid' - photo from The Royal Children, Nottingham
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'Wash Basins' - photo from The Royal Children, Nottingham
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'Royal Children' - photo from The Royal Children, Nottingham
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The Royal Children, Nottingham

The Royal Children
52 Castle Gate
Added: 12/26/2011
Modified: 12/27/2011 11:36:15 AM

Written By Paul Privy

The curiously named Royal Children has its part to play in Britsh history. In 1688, when the throne of King James II was in peril, he arranged for Anne. (1646-1723 r. 1702-14) his daughter, to be spirited away to Nottingham.
While in Nottingham Castle, Anne endeared herself to the citizens of the city and became popular amongst the locals.

Tradition has it that her children (from her union with Prince George of Denmark) were accommodated in this inn….or because Princess Anne’s children used to play with the then Landlords children. Unfortunately none of Anne’s children survived into adulthood and it is said that the restless spirits of her offspring still walk in and around the site.
The name “The Royal Children” is painted on the one piece of whale-bone that was publicly displayed in Nottingham. They brought the sign inside as it was rotting away but it used to hang outside the front door.

A couple of hundred years ago whale oil occupied the same place in everyday life that paraffin does nowadays, and the whale fisheries of Whitby and the other north-east ports were very prosperous. Whaling skippers would distribute portions of the skeletons of their gigantic prey as advertisements here and there, hence the whale’s shoulder-blade.
The Royal Children holds to this day a license for selling whale oil for lamps, and displays the whale bones that made it famous.

The pub has been gone downhill over recent years and has been neglected by the landlords. I went on a mid week afternoon and the pub was empty.

On my visit just two real ales were on, Bombardier and Castle Rock’s famous Harvest Pale.

Now the bogs.

The toilets are located to the right of the bar.

Two urinals and one cubicle available here. For a big toilet there isn’t much on offer here. Two wash basins and two small wall mirrors. Plenty of cleaning fluid in the toilet bowel. Overall nice and clean. Don’t really like the cream décor.


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