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'Urinals' - photo from The Gooseberry Bush, Nottingham
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'Sinks' - photo from The Gooseberry Bush, Nottingham
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'Loo' - photo from The Gooseberry Bush, Nottingham
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'Wet Floor!!' - photo from The Gooseberry Bush, Nottingham
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The Gooseberry Bush, Nottingham

The Gooseberry Bush
Peel Street
Added: 12/29/2011
Modified: 12/29/2011 8:54:15 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Gooseberry Bush in Nottingham is yet another pub belonging to Wetherspoons. The pub opened up in July 2011 replacing Varsity Bar which went pants down. The pub is refreshingly a nice pub and upon my visit the atmosphere was very welcoming.

The pub is located on Peel Street, so carry on and turn right we was all tanked up!! The pub is not far from the famous general cemetery and opposite the newish student accommodations. The pub during term times gets very busy with University students. But during the Summer and Christmas its empty.

Lots of pictures and paintings align the walls in here, many of them of Nottingham’s famous goose fair. Plenty of seating in here and nice bar area.

The site of the pub stands on was originally Nottingham’s Women Hospital. The first patients arrived in 1930 and the last baby born here was in November 1981. The pub takes its name from the place where babies were said to arrive.

The pub is a typical Wetherspoons pub with usual drinks and food menu. On my visit the staff the night before had not bothered to change the barrels, so a lot of the beer was off. After tasting a pint of Nottingham Breweries ‘Legend’ I could taste it was off. The barman politely exchanged it and quickly changed barrels for a nice pint of Adnams ‘Old Ale‘.

After three pints of Ye Old ale it was time for a p*ss.

The toilets here are located to the right, just as you walk through the entrance of the pub. As you walk in you cannot miss them as they are well sign posted on the walls.

Nice new bogs here in the pub. Brown décor in here with black and grey tiles. Nice wooden floors.

On offer three cubicles and three urinals. Three wash basins and three wall mirrors. Nice new Jonny machine to stock up on if you pull some student babes in here on a weekend night.

Compared with other Wetherspoon pubs in Notts this is quite a small sh*tter. Overall nice pub and nice bogs. Watch out for the wet floor sign on a dry floor!!


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