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'Gents Room' - photo from Viva Brazil, Liverpool
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'White Urinals' - photo from Viva Brazil, Liverpool
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'Toilet, Silver Features' - photo from Viva Brazil, Liverpool
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'Big Spare Bum Roll' - photo from Viva Brazil, Liverpool
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Viva Brazil, Liverpool

Viva Brazil
36 Castle Street
L2 0NR
  Tel: 0151 236 80 80
Fax: 0151 236 11 22
Web: Viva Brazil

Added: 1/11/2012
Modified: 1/11/2012 4:50:48 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Viva Brazil is a Brazilian Restaurant in Liverpool Centre.

It is quite big, well decorated, and has a good atmosphere, including live music.

The food takes the form of Meat, several types, delivered fresh off-the-skewer by the waiting on staff. In addition to the meat, a buffet of accompaniments is provided, so you can add potatoes, veg, pasta, rice, pre-cooked chicken, anything you like really!

We visited recently and had a good night here, the food was great, and the Sagres Portuguese Lager was ok too.

The restaurant was busy, as you'd expect for a Friday night.

Price wise, it was about 24 a head for the full works, but we ate plenty and so took full advantage.

The bogs are located downstairs, from a door near to the buffet area.

The Gents has 3 P*ssers, and 1 Sh*tter.

The room is long and thin, with the cubicle at the end, and the urinals sitting opposite the sinks. There is also soap, dryer etc and a radiator.

Urinals were white and clean, set against a nice tiled wall.

The toilet was white with a concealed cistern. The flush buttons and roll holder are in a nice silver / chrome.

On the back of the door was hung a large spare bog roll. They must have been expecting a heavy-load from all the food!

Sinks were nice round fancy looking ones, with fancy soap too, nice!

Great food, a good alternative to more formal meals, and nice bogs!


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