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'Metal P*ss Trough' - photo from The Greyhound, Beeston
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'Greyhound Loos' - photo from The Greyhound, Beeston
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'Time to Throw Up' - photo from The Greyhound, Beeston
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'Johnny?' - photo from The Greyhound, Beeston
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The Greyhound, Beeston

The Greyhound
85 High Road
  Web: The Greyhound

Added: 1/19/2012
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:12:37 PM

Written By Paul Privy

The Greyhound in Beeston is a fantastic pub located right in the centre of Beeston town centre. The pub changed hands in 2006 and since then the pub has improved greatly. The pub is infamous for its live entertainment. Every Friday and Saturday night the pub hosts live bands. Mixture of music from Rock, Heavy Metal and Folk. The pub is open until 1 in the morning, brilliant.

The bearded landlord and his wife have done a fantastic job with the pub. The clientele in here is much the same, mostly middle aged people here. Great beer in here and great atmosphere to.

The pub was built in 1741, one of the earliest owners were the Stone family who actually brewed on the premises. The present building was modernised in 1984.

In the early 19th century days of the Industrial Revolution, it is said that Luddites called here and after raising the landlord from his bed to serve them refreshments, marched onto Nottingham to wreak their havoc. This Inn and the Durham Ox (now a chinky restaurant) , were visited by Reform Act rioters in 1831. Having burnt down Nottingham Castle they marched to Beeston and caused the Silk Mill at Beeston the same fate.

Now the bogs.

The toilets here are located across the bar from the front entrance. Walk across and turn left, you will find the loos.

The gents are spacious inside. Very nice long metal p*ss trough here. Great to p*ss away all that ale. Two cubicles here and just one wash basin. Can get a bit packed here on a weekend night.

The cubicles are spacious inside. Come into one of them after watching the band and throw up into these lovely bog bowls.

Great loos and great pub.


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