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'Gents and Disabled Loo Doors' - photo from The Victoria Hotel, Beeston
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'Old Vic's Urinals' - photo from The Victoria Hotel, Beeston
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'Queen Vic Sh*tter, Would She be amused?' - photo from The Victoria Hotel, Beeston
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'Paper Towels, Bin  and Johnny' - photo from The Victoria Hotel, Beeston
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'Sinks' - photo from The Victoria Hotel, Beeston
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The Victoria Hotel, Beeston

The Victoria Hotel
Dovecote Lane
  Web: The Victoria Hotel

Added: 1/28/2012
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:18:27 PM

Written By Paul Privy

Built around 1839, named after Queen Victoria (1819- 1901) - a popular monarch who is often featured on pub signboards. The pub is situated next door to Beeston Train station and like so many Victorian establishments was built to serve the passengers who used the station. If you sit in the beer tent area outside trains shoot by on a regular basis shaking all the benches in the garden!!

In 1971 an eccentric landlord use to keep a small zoo at the rear end of the pub, as well as a python inside!! The collection included a puma, a lion, a leopard and a baboon (theres still a few baboons go in here today).

A number of incidents occurred involving these animals- the puma bounded into the public bar and frightened regulars and the leopard bit the landlord. Often he would be seen around Beeston, taking the bear for a walk at the end of a rope!!

The ‘zoo’ was eventually closed when a terrified elderly couple complained to the police after the baboon escaped, shinned up a drainpipe and tried to break into their bedroom window.

The pub is a very popular pub in Beeston and attracts a large amount of customers day and night. Up to sixteen real ales on at a time here, fantastic. I recommend to try Blue Monkey for a nice tipple.

The portly landlord and his wife have done a smashing job with this place. The couple have over fifteen years respected reputation for their pub.

The Vic prepare,cook and serve nice food. As you walk into the main bar area there is a big board above the bar showing what’s on offer. The menu changes often and options can vary. We recommend the delicious sausage and mash. Followed by the Vic Hotel Cheeseboard, delicious. It will be time for a poo soon after all that lovely grub.

The place is a very popular pub in Beeston and attracts a large amount of customers day and night.

The pub is a very large pub with big areas to choose from. Theres a dining area inside, a bar and drinking area and finally theres a big seating area outside all under a tent. In winter theres heating machines on, so you won’t get cold. If you order food, order it at the bar. The bar people will give you a receipt, they will then come out with your food screaming out your receipt number!!

The portly landlord and his wife request that all children leave the premises before nine. The landlord has very strict rules in his pub. Other rules include not being allowed to use a mobile phone on the premises. The pub has a rule book and the rule for the usage of phones are strict. It saids:

We would kindly request that patrons do not use mobile phones inside the pub! If you cannot bear to be parted from your loved one to enjoy a nice quiet pint, at least have the decency to switch to silent/vibrate and receive or make calls outside the building.
Lap-Tops………we are a pub, not an office – need we say more!
Your co-operation is appreciated.

Who can argue with that. The landlord has known to get very angry and upset if people break his rules, so best watch it.

Time for a sh*te.

The loos here a located in different places. For the ladies the loos are located near the bar area. For the gents they are outside. Lets take a look.

Upon walking in we are greeted by a delicious looking blue decor.

On offer are three urinals, one cubicle and two sinks. One plastic bin and paper towels in here, no hand dryer. A Johnny machine is on offer if you pull some Beeston babes.

Quite a spacious toilet inside. Great loos. The first thing you pass when you enter into the pub are the gents, so give them a go and have a big sh*t here.

Great loos and fantastic pub!!


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